Businesses from the Lyle area

Title Business Type Start Date End Date
Haugland Appliance appliance
Cook Radio and Appliance appliance 1948 1954
Cook & Johnson Appliance appliance 1948 1951
Loren's Auction Barn auctioneer 1983
D. K. Auto Body auto body
Thompson Auto Company automobile
Lyle Auto Company automobile
Lyle Home Bakery - John R. Paulson bakery 1926 1948
First National Bank bank 1939
Exchange Bank bank 1891
Farmers State Bank bank 1915
Peerless Barber Shop barber
R. P. Gibson barber 1892 1908
Lyle Barber Shop barber 1897
James McCabe barber 1908 1910
Dyrland's Beauty Service beauty shop
Sander & Plain blacksmith
Osmund Johnson blacksmith
Marc Dunbar blacksmith
Howard Phillips blacksmith
Henry Plaine blacksmith 1902
C. A. Madison blacksmith 1905
Madison & Whalen blacksmith 1895 1900
C. E. Gilbert blacksmith 1902
Pavelec & Roffler blacksmith, woodworker 1905 1906
Amund Johnson builder
Lyle Canning Company canning
Dr. R. L. Nelson chiropractor
C. M. Laite clothing 1910 1910
Otter Creek Creamery creamery 1896 1916
Lyle Farmers Creamery Association creamery 1915
Dr. E. J. Van Bronkhorst dentist 1898 1906
Dr. W. W. Hanson dentist 1904 1906
Dr. G. W. Vail dentist 1906 1910
Dr. A. A. Lee dentist 1911 1956
B. J. Esser dentist 1911 1911
Dr. A. M. Lewis dentist 1921 1927
Johnson's Dept Store department store 1946
W. F. Cobb, M. D. doctor
Dr. M. R. Anderson doctor
W. A. Frazer, M. D. doctor 1887
Dr. Peter Theodore Torkelson doctor 1909 1930
Dr. George Robert Melzer doctor 1916
Dr. Odin J. Johnson doctor 1936 1940
Dr. J. E. Eckdale doctor 1940 1942
The Lyle Dray Line dray line
City Dray Line dray line
R. M. Eastee electrical
Nothereastern Iowa Power COmpany electrical
O. C. Strock elevator 1901
Huntting Elevator Company elevator
Lyle Feed Mill feed mill
Lyle Feed Mill and Blacksmith Shop feed mill, blacksmith shop
H. H. Omoth furniture
Lyle Furniture Mart furniture 1964 1971
E. Johnson furniture, undertaking
E. H. Omoth Undertaker & Embalmer furniture, undertaking
Lyle Furniture Company furniture, undertaking 1900 1901
O. G. Blakestad & Company furniture, undertaking 1904
Worlein Funeral Home furniture, undertaking 1946
George F. Watkins Genco light
Myhre & Lund general merchandise
J. O. Myhre general merchandise 1898
J. F. Humel & Co. general merchandise
A. O. Myhre general merchandise 1891
M. O. Wilson & Son general merchandise 1875 1901
The Banner Store general merchandise 1896
Lund's Store - O. T. Lund general merchandise 1897 1914
Myhre & Nelson general merchandise 1898 1903
Wilson Brothers general merchandise 1901 1908
Stanley Bros. general merchandise 1903 1906
O. C. Hayden & Company general merchandise 1903 1904
Dahl Bros. & Sherman general merchandise 1906 1908
Lyle Mercantile Company general merchandise 1908 1910
Dahl Bros. general merchandise 1908 1928
George Hill Store general merchandise 1909 1912
Briese Bros. general merchandise 1911 1912
John Hanson's Store general merchandise 1912 1943
Martin & Fossey general merchandise 1915 1923
Martin's Store general merchandise 1923 1926
G. C. Hoard general merchandise 1926 1928
Leuthold general merchandise 1928 1930
Leuthold & Dahl general merchandise 1930 1934
Rauwolf store general merchandise 1934 1936
Austinson's Store general merchandise 1943 1946
Perks Saving Center general merchandise 1968 1975
C. W. Lacy grain buyer 1894
Huntting Elevator Co. grain elevator
Mona Grocery grocery 1975
Gaarder's Jack Sprat Store grocery 1937 1945
The City Market - Loie Howard grocery 1940 1944
The City Market - Ted Bissell grocery 1944 1946
Berg's Jack Sprat Store grocery 1945 1949
The City Market - Harry Bretchel grocery 1946 1947
The City Market - Byron B. Bradford grocery 1946 1946
The City Market - Fernie Neus grocery 1947 1948
The City Market - Forrest Romig grocery 1948 1950
Schaufenbil's Food Store grocery 1949 1970
The City Market grocery 1950
Cook & Johnson's Grocery and Meat Market grocery 1950
Cook & Johnson's Grocery and Meat Market grocery 1950 1951
Haakenson's Store grocery 1955 1974
Niessen's Food Store grocery 1970 1972
Judy's Grocery grocery 1972 1977
Lyle Food Store grocery 1977
Reierson Hardware hardware 1902
W. A. Eggert hardware 1897 1898
Eggert Bros. hardware 1898 1901
Schumacher & Dahl hardware 1901 1902
Blakestad Hardware hardware 1901
Colbertson & Dahl hardware 1902 1906
Dahl & Nelson hardware 1906 1909
Dahl & Fedson hardware 1909 1943
Dahl's Hardware hardware 1943 1967
Syverud Bros. harnessmaker
Peter Hanson harnessmaker
Commercial Hotel hotel
H. A. Stockwell & Son hotel, restaurant, livery
Gill Ferris implements implements
Frank Pavelec implements
E. Blakestad implements
Harvey Hildebrand insurance
Fortun Insurance insurance
Chas. Fossey insurance
P. A. Johnson jewelry 1923
A. B. Johnson jewelry
C. D. Cary jewelry, radio 1923 1930
Bell & Hinton Land Office land
Lyle Speedwash laundromat 1964
W. E. LeBaron livestock 1907
Theo. Austinson livestock
The Hazelwood Stock Farm livestock
Lyle Belgian Horse Company livestock
Herman Lerud livestock
The Lyle Hatchery livestock 1930
Hartson Locker locker
Lyle Lumber & Fuel Co. lumberyard
A. O. Christenson & Bros. lumberyard
J. E. Norris lumberyard lumberyard 1908 1912
Lyle Corrugated Culvert Company manufacturer
Main Street Meat Market meat market
G. J. Clark meat market
The City Meat Market - Larson Bros. meat market 1897 1940
Redington & Huffman meat market 1910 1911
Mower County Mills mill
Crescent Roller Mills mill
Miss Furuseth millinery millinery
Leedle Millinery millinery
Hildreth Hat Shop millinery
Galt & Leedle millinery millinery
McQuatters millinery millinery 1895
Misses Johnson Milliners millinery 1899
E. F. Wilson notary, real estate, insurance
Fred Wyborny painter
Carl M. Anderson painting
W. A. Frazer & Son pharmacy
Miller's Pharmacy pharmacy
Kiesel's Pharmacy pharmacy
Grove Street Drug Store (Robertson) pharmacy
Frazer's Pharmacy pharmacy
Frazer & Robertson Druggists pharmacy
E. L. Stanley Pharmacy pharmacy 1906
Capt. William Stanley pharmacy
Harry M. Conray photography 1895
Fairbanks & Anderson photography
Evans & Conray photography
Phillipson's Gallery photography 1895 1899
H. D. Fairbanks photography 1899
George P. Anderson photography 1911
Small's Pool Hall pool hall 1927
F. W. Madera Pool Hall pool hall 1930
O. J. Mortenson's Pool Room pool hall 1925
Danley's Pool Hall pool hall 1927 1928
David Sharbonno's Pool Hall pool hall 1930
Lyle Produce Company produce
Alvin Myhre Produce produce
K. J. Knudtson real estate
Leonard Leidall repair, implement
W. B. McDonald Restaurant & Eating House restaurant
Sherry's Cafe restaurant
Perk's Drive Inn restaurant
Miller restaurant restaurant 1906
John Olson's restaurant restaurant
Gem Restaurant restaurant 1906
Ott's Cafe restaurant 1948
C. J. Weisel saloon saloon 1899
Harold Fossey G Funk Dealer seed
Pyramid Oil Company service station
N. T. Fortun service station
Mona Garage service station 1953
Lyle Battery Station service station
Independent Oil station service station
Elite Oil Company service station
Anderson Service Station service station
Mrs. W. R. Kester fur sewing
Larson Shoe Service shoes
B. D. Hedemark shoes 1875 1910
Krause's Shoe Store shoes 1910 1912
W. R. Hunter's Shoes and Furnishings shoes 1913 1916
H. T. Volstad shoes 1916 1917
LaVerne Leidall stokers
S. Seaverson tailor
Lyle Telephone Company telephone
The Joy Theatre theater
Lyle Opera House theater
Ideal Theater theater 1916
S. A. Johnson tinsmith
P. A. Johnson tinsmith 1897
City Tin Shop tinsmith
The Lyle Tow Mill tow mill
Ben Nabor trucking
Dr. L. E. Pike veterinarian
Dr. C. O. Peterson veterinarian