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Person Death Certificate Body
James Mortensen

Was he cremated? Funeral home is not helpful. Ask Dona Ziegler?

William H. Officer 1887 no cert

Where is WIlliam H. Officer buried?

John Bergeson's boy 1893 no cert

John Bergeson's boy died in 1893. No mention of name, unclear where he's buried.

Mari Anderson 1902 no cert

Is this really Christine Maria Anderson, wife of Paul Anderson? Also Lena Larson lived there

Anna Anderson Volstad 1905 no cert

Anna Anderson Volstad, lived with uncle HK Volstad after father died when she was very young. 25 years old when died in 1905. Likely Six Mile Grove or Pleasant Hill

Cecelia (Celia) Trodler 1906-45A-947

Lena Running 1908-MN-007698

Where is she buried? Is this the same Lena Running listed as "Rusmusing"?

Hans Jacob Erickson 1909-MN-007352

Where is he buried? Was his name really Claus or is that an error in the death index?

Hage Mycklejord 1909-MN-007354

Buried in Six Mile Grove? Mother of Ole?

Andrew H. Anderson 1910-MN-008150

Where is Andrew H. Anderson buried?

Wilson Beach 1914-MN-008400

Where is Wilson buried?

Karen Fisher 1916-MN-008446

Confirm spelling of name and actual birth/death dates

Andrew C. Anderson 1916-MN-008529

Where is he buried

George Thrasher 1916-MN-008536

Committed suicide, is he buried in Woodbury by his brother Edward?

Theodore Haas 1920-MN-008647

What year was he born?

Lucy O. Small 1921-MN-007875

Where was Lucy buried?

Anton George, Jr. 1924-MN-008376

Where is Anton George Jr. buried? Former postmaster at Otranto Station, father of Harry Evertsen George who is buried at St. Ansgar.

Marvin L. Clark 1933-MN-008794

Buried in Woodbury, possible murder victim in 1933 near Rose Creek by "Peg Leg" Smith? Also Sarah and Ivan died same day.

Ivan Wilder 1936-MN-009780

Is his name really Iver or Ivan and what is his middle name?

John J. Jahr 1937-MN-024684

Was he the saloon owner, married to Carrie? Assume so.

Carrie Jahr 1939-MN-024183

Wife of saloon owner John Jahr. Check her name, may be Kaja

Olaf Aslakson 1940-MN-009170

Which Ole/Olaf/Olav Aslakson is he?

Louis Albert Sherman 1949-MN-009410

Is this the husband of J. Sophie (Dahl) Sherman? If so where is he buried

J. Sophie Sherman 1951-MN-009449

Where is she buried? Wife of Louis A. Sherman, not sure where he is either. Daughter of Hans O. Dahl in Pleasant Hill.

Baby Girl Allen 1954-MN-009490

Death cert says May 21, 1954 but headstone says June 21, 1954. Which is correct?

Edward Roswold 1959-MN-016804

Is he really buried in Six Mile Grove? Lived and died in St. Louis county, connection to Lyle unclear

Invold Ferdinand Dahl 1962-MN-011626

where is he buried? son of Hans O. Dahl

Bernard Merkel 1987-MN-032764

where is he buried, service was at six mile grove

Richard Lee Lewis 1993-MN-007408

Was this Richard Lee Lewis married to Marilyn (Block) Lewis?