Gathering history for a small town like Lyle is a difficult task that can only be accomplished with many helpers. Every person who has saved a scrap of paper, remembered something long forgotten, or mentioned something new to me has contributed in some way. Not all of those people are named below, but a special thank you goes out to (in no particular order).

Lyle collectors and historians, past and present:

Volunteers who have directly contributed to my research:

  • Hazel (Sola) Van Hove - transcribed newspaper articles

Financial contributors:

  • Worth County Development Authority - awareded a $6,405.84 grant for digitization of the Lyle Tribune
  • Don Sogge - Contributed $100 toward digitization of the Lyle Tribune

Those who have generously donated or lent Lyle items:

  • Mark Ashley: lent the very earliest 1940 and 1941 yearbooks, donated Lyle anniversary books, donated a large box of Lyle Highlights, many advertising items and other research materials, some from his mother Gladys Ashley and some from his personal collection
  • Gloria (Hotson) Austinson: lent a 1940s baseball picture for scanning, donated many news clippings from Lavern Austinson
  • Bill Boe: donated an old custard glass napkin ring that says "Souvenir of Lyle, Minn."
  • Eva Corson: donated old Lyle postcard of City Hall circa 1902
  • Linda (Chaffee) Delaney: lent old pictures of Lyle for scanning
  • Cynthia Earnshaw: donated a mint condition copy of the 1945 Reflector yearbook that was her mother's (Betty Fossey).
  • Carol Ekle: donated pictures from the 1980s and Mona history scrapbook
  • Earl Farlinger, 1936-2016: donated yearbook, info on Woodbury cemetery
  • Marlene (Nasby) Farlinger: donated many newspaper clippings and sports photos from her husband Earl from the 1950s
  • Delos Frank: lent a number of newspaper articles, some Lions and 1970 centennial papers and a 1968-69 sports calendar for scanning
  • Jolynn (Winkel) Gentz: donated a few yearbooks from the 1980s and a copy of the 1970 Lyle Centennial book
  • Gladys Hanson: donated a very old graduation announcement
  • Denny Helgeson: donated a number of yearbook photos from the early 1970s that were found in the attic of the old 1906 high school
  • Brian Helle: lent yearbooks from the 2000s
  • Kathy (Hotson) Helle: donated many yearbooks from the 1960s and 1970s
  • Marty Helle: lent yearbooks from the 1980s
  • Galen Holst: donated old books from Fay and Frank Hotson, allowed to dig for old bottles on his properties in Lyle
  • Phyllis (Dockstader) Helgeson: lent many scrapbooks related to Six Mile Grove and Lyle, donated Six Mile Grove anniversary booklets and directories
  • Sue (Meyer) Horgen: lent massive (900+) collection of obituaries from Pleasant Hill cemetery, lots of Lyle and Mona news clippings, Mona and Six Mile Grove church anniversary booklets
  • Rachel Hudson: donated collection of old band concert programs, allowed to dig for old bottles on her property in Lyle
  • David Howard: lent large collection of records related to Woodbury cemetery, donated a Woodbury Cemetery anniversary booklet, lent collection of "The Minnesota Pythian" magazine, lent copy of "Mower County Cemeteries Book III" for scanning. Sold many Lyle items from his mother in 2018.
  • Shelly (Helgeson) Kersey: donated old pictures of Ole A. Anderson the jeweler; lent many pictures and programs for scanning from the 1980s and early 1990
  • Jared Koopal: allowed to dig for old bottles on his many properties in Lyle
  • Josh Kunze: donated 1982 and 1984 yearbooks, keeps a watchful eye out on Lyle items in Facebook auction/sales groups
  • Kermit Leidall: donated old letterhead from Leonard Leidall's businesses, news clippings and some photos
  • Stacy (Frank) Mason: donated Lyle centennial and homecoming buttons, and a wonderful old crazy quilt embroidered with the O.C. Runing family who owned a saloon in Lyle
  • Ric Murphy: donated framed photos and clippings that formerly hung in Tucker's Place restaurant in Lyle
  • Carrie (Harrison) Nelson: lent yearbooks and photos from the school
  • Pearl (Brandt) Nelson: lent many scrapbooks about the Lyle Centennial, Class of 1949 reunions, Lyle booklets, Lyloneons from the 1960s, Lyle Feed Mill items, Mona clippings and more.
  • Audrey (Kulff) Noorlun: donated many yearbooks and items related to Kulff Station and Kulff Feed Mill, lent diploma and baptismal certificate for scanning
  • Mark Olson: donated many news clippings about the school, copies of very old family letters, information related to Six Mile Grove, family photos, school programs, church programs, and much more
  • Dan Ransom: lent yearbooks
  • Judy (Johnson) Ransom: lent yearbooks
  • Jerry Reshetar: donated early yearbooks
  • Tammy Roberts: lent yearbooks
  • Virginia Rohne: donated 8x10 photo of the Lyle Pythian Sisters
  • Shannon (Engler) Slowinski: donated old Lyle basketball poster schedules she found while remodeling their house
  • Beth (Hanson) Steinhovden: donated a number of newspaper clippings from her mother Mavis (Carlson) Hanson
  • Dyan (Lastine) Strouf: helped audit yearbooks from the school, passed along Carol Ekle photo collection
  • Kay (Evenson) Strouf: donated some old photos of Lyle from the 1930s
  • Julie (Pihelgas) Terveen: donated a number of photos, newspaper clippings and funeral programs from her mother Kathleen (Matter) Pihelgas
  • Amy Theusen: lent yearbooks from the school
  • Dona (Johannsen) Ziegler: lent many scrapbooks about Lyle, a large collection of hundreds of obituaries and news clippings. Sold some yearbooks and scrapbooks on auction that I purchased.
  • Gary Ziegler: donated many articles on the 1962 basketball team state tournament run

Other Mower County historians and contributors to all the wonderful freely-accessible data on MNGenweb Mower County and Find A Grave and provide inspiration with their work on other neighboring towns and people:

Narrators for the Lyle Oral History Project:

  • Lynette (Hanson) Aanonson
  • Helen (Bedford) Ashley
  • Arleigh Austinson
  • William "Bill" Bell
  • Joanne (Hotson) Chaffee
  • Patricia "Patty" (Scheffel) Conradt
  • Janet (Prehoda) Dahl
  • Kristi Fett
  • Betty (Olson) Fisher
  • Delos Frank, 1927-2018
  • Leonard Haugland, 1915-2019
  • Ronald "Ronnie" Haugland
  • Phyllis (Dockstader) Helgeson
  • Jeff Helle
  • Galen Holst
  • Rachel Hudson
  • Eric Kline
  • Kermit Leidall
  • Pearl (Brandt) Nelson
  • David "Burly" Olson
  • Patricia "Pat" (Cafourek) Cooling Peters
  • Larry Ricke
  • Harold Rohne
  • Catherine "Cathy" (Helle) Roser
  • Gerald "Jerry" Sampson
  • Wayne Skov
  • Kay (Evenson) Strouf
  • Darwin Small
  • Madison Truckenmiller
  • Bradley "Brad" Walter

City of Lyle, especially:

  • Jim Guthmiller
  • Diana Witt

Organizational Support:

Cemetery researchers and board members:

  • Sue (Meyer) Horgen (Pleasant Hill)
  • Morris Klouse (Rose Creek Enterprise)
  • Karen Sundberg (Rose Creek Enterprise)
  • Gerry Sampson (Six Mile Grove)
  • Steve Sampson (Six Mile Grove)
  • Earl Farlinger, 1936-2016 (Woodbury)
  • David Howard (Woodbury)
  • Mary Henry (Cedar City)
  • Linda Whalen (Cedar City)

Those who put up with my obsession and allow me time to work on my research:

  • Jess Helle-Morrissey
  • Sue Morrissey
  • Kathy Helle