Railway Resume

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...The most important piece of work completed was the building of the Minnesota & Northwestern road from St. Paul to a connection with the Illinois Central at Lyle and the building of a line from Lyle to Manly Junction, to a connection with the Central Iowa, making direct lines to Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City, and giving the *Illinois Central and Central Iowa lines direct connection with St. Paul from all southern points....

P. O. Will Close



On account of Change in Routes the
Hustad Post Office Will be
Closed September 30

Notice has been received from the postal department that the Hustad post office will be discontinued after September 30th and that everything pertaining to the office will be turned over the Lyle office.

Schumacher & Dahl latest addition to hardware firms


Schumacher & Dahl is the latest addition to the hardware firms in town. Mr. Schumacher being unable to dispose of the bankrupt stock in a lump decided to buy some new goods and continue permanently in the business. He has taken in H. G. Dahl as a partner. They have rented the P. K. Everson building just moved up from Mona, and start out with fair prospects of getting a share of the business.

Dr. Lee Completes Over 50 Years As Dentist In Lyle

Dr. Lee Completes
Over 50 Years As
Dentist In Lyle

Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Andrew A. Lee, veteran dentist of Lyle. When we arrived for the interview, Dr. Lee was busy enjoying one of his favorite pastimes, reading. We proceeded to visit him before some patient might arrive to ask relief from toothaches. This is what we learned: