Lyle has become a railroad center

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Thursday, December 10, 1885
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Christmas is at hand and Mona is coming to the front, and a good old fashioned Christmas entertainment is already being worked up. Everybody is invited. The question whether Mona shall have a church built in the spring or not is being agitated. The outlook is favorable. We also have the promise of a woolen mill in the spring. We sincerely hope the promise will be kept. Come on somebody with a foundry and machine shops.

Our trains on the I. C. run to Lyle now and make up their trains there. We understand they have the use of two stalls in the new engine house. The two stalls here will probably be occupied also. The increase of business is so great that all the room in both places will be required. The Central of Iowa have commenced running regular trains, and Lyle becomes this week the end of a division for three roads with a fourth road running right through. Lyle has become a railroad center in reality. The snow is falling as we write, and John Penney drops in and says let's go rabbit hunting, and here we go.