Mona advantages over Lyle

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Thursday, October 8, 1885
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When it was ascertained for a certainty that the division of the M. & N. W. railroad would be located at Lyle, our courage for Mona fell a degree or two, but looking over the subject candidly, and watching the movement of business in both places, we have come to the conclusion that there is no cause for a panic. Our courage has not only got back up to the sticking point, but has gone up about five degrees. The great drawback to Lyle is their numerous saloons and their free whiskey. No respectable man feels safe on the streets after dark, and a lady can scarcely walk the streets by daylight without being insulted or having her way blocked by drunken loafers, and the air thick with profanity and vulgarity. Where is the man with a family who cares to bring up his children under such conditions? People hesitate and think twice before settling down in the midst of such surroundings. Here at Mona we have a different element. We have no saloons, we have a better class of citizens; we have better social advantages and privileges; we seldom have use for a constable or justice of the peace, and we have just as good a point for doing business as they have in Lyle, and a far better and pleasanter place to live in. If you doubt our word, come and see for yourself.