Herald Buys Lyle Tribune

Herald Buys Lyle Tribune

William Nordland, publisher of the Lyle Tribune for more than 48 years, quit business today.

He has wanted to retire for some time, he said, and the recent illness of his wife prompted him to act now.

Mr. Nordland sold the real estate. files, office equipment, legal rights and subscription list of the Tribune to the Herald Publishing Co., Austin.

Up until this week, the Tribune had been published weekly for 58 years. Mr. Nordland purchased the paper Dec. 1, 1902, from Chas. Gould and Co., one of four previous owners.

Great Prospects for Lyle

LYLE, Minn., July 30- Some farmers in this vicinity have begun harvest. The grain in many places is very badly lodged on account of the heavy rains and there will undoubtedly be much wasted. On the whole, however, the outlook for an excellent yield is good, fifty to sixty bushels of oats per acre being predicted if the weather hold good.

New Companies Incorporate.

New Companies Incorporate.

The Benson company of Heron Lake, capitalized at $100,000, the Minna-O-Wah club of Winona, the purpose of which is to acquire grounds and erect a clubhouse at some point on the Mississippi river, and establish a pleasure resort for members and their families, the Nicollet Land company of Minneapolis, capitalized at $20,000 and the Lyle Telephone company of Lyle, Minn., capitalized at $20,000, have filed articles of incorporation with the secretary of state.

Postal and Other Matters

Postal and Other Matters.

Washington, D.C., March 17.- [Special.]
Railroad postoffice service has been established on the line of the Illinois Central railroad between Lyle, Minn., and Waterloo, Iowa.

Service formerly performed by Minneapolis, Hayfield and Waterloo railroad postoffice, which has been changed to end at Mason City, Iowa.