Dubuque & Northwestern railroad through Lyle nearly complete

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Thursday, October 8, 1885
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-- Work upon the Dubuque & Northwestern to extend from Dubuque to a connection with the Minnesota & Northwestern at Lyle is progressing satisfactorily. So far about eight miles northwest from Dubuque have been graded. This will be ironed before the winter sets in, and work will very probably then be stopped until spring. In the meantime righto f way will be secured, and all necessary surveys made. Work will be resumed in the spring so soon as the frost is out of the ground and the road pushed forward as rapidly as possible. President Stickney stated yesterday that connection would be made with his road late in 1896. The completion of the Dubuque & Northwestern will make the Minnesota & Nortwestern's Chicago mileage forty-two miles less than it is now. -- Pioneer Press