Dr. Lee Completes Over 50 Years As Dentist In Lyle

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Thursday, June 4, 1953
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Dr. Lee Completes
Over 50 Years As
Dentist In Lyle

Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Andrew A. Lee, veteran dentist of Lyle. When we arrived for the interview, Dr. Lee was busy enjoying one of his favorite pastimes, reading. We proceeded to visit him before some patient might arrive to ask relief from toothaches. This is what we learned:

Dr. Lee was born at Benson, Minnesota, June 18, 1881. He graduated from Benson high school and enrolled in the Chicago College of Dental Surgery the fall of 1908. After receiving his dental degree in 1911, he set up practice in Lyle. In 1915 he married Inga Myhre of Lyle. She, too, is still the picture of health. The couple have one daughter, now Mrs. William Sutter of Rochester. She is a graduate of Lyle high school and of St. Olaf college at Northfield. She taught school at Brewster and Blooming Prairie, Minn., and is now in the research at the Clinic at Rochester, Minn.

Dr. Lee built a new and very comfortable home in Lyle some years ago. He enjoys especially to fish and to read. He maintains his office above the Miller Drug store and is active in dental practice every day.

[Description under picture] Pictured above are Dr. and Mrs. Lee as they appeared about six years ago, both the picture of health and both with never failing twinkle in their eyes.