2 Lyle Scouts become Eagles

Two Lyle Boy Scouts received their Eagle Awards, the highest given in Scouting, in a special ceremony Oct. 20 at the Lyle Legion Hall.

Matthew Perry, 18, son of Roger and Barbara Perry, and Jeremy Sampson, 18, son of Gerald and Diane Sampson, all of Lyle, finished their work for the award this summer.

Perry is a graduate of Lyle High School. In Scouts, he was a patrol leader and received the Historic Trails and World Conservation awards. For his Eagle proj-ect, he set up a child registry.

Misunderstanding over siren stirs hard feelings

A sudden thunderstorm July 7 whipped up a torrent of hard feelings in Lyle, Minn.

After the town's emergency warning system failed to sound a siren as a severe storm swept through the small town last Sunday, Mower County Sheriff Wayne Goodnature and Mower County Civil Defense Director Robert Nelson told Austin reporters that the siren in Lyle had been inoperable for some time.

Lyle Mayor Harold Rohne and Lyle City Council members are adamant that their system works and angry about the remarks. They say they did all they could and the storm came too quickly to do more.

Lyle attracting attention from across Minnesota

Like other Lyle residents, Nancy Williamson was busy last week.

Saturday was a communitywide cleanup day, and she spent a good chunk of Friday preparing for the event. There were last-minute details to tend to.

Such as cleaning out her own garage.

Williamson had been drumming up publicity for the event, even outside of the Mower County community, which sits just north of the Iowa border.

Lyle column: dances, death


Dr. Cobb has several cases of diphtheria east of the grove.

Ole Knuteson Hange lost a child with diphtheria Saturday morning.

L. W. Sherman has returned from St. Paul and is as full of business as ever.

S. K. Dennis is the name of our new photographer, and he hails from Rochester.

The Thanksgiving dance was well attended and a success socially and financially.

A new building between the blacksmith shop and livery stable is to be used for a feed mill.

Celebration of the 4th at Lyle.

Celebration of the 4th of Lyle.

The citizens of Lyle and vicinity have arranged for a big celebration on the 4th of July. The Hon. Mark H. Dunnell, member of Congress from this district, who is a fine speaker, is to deliver the address.

Several hundred dollars have been raised by an enterprising and efficient committee to furnish attractions and provide comfortable entertainment. They have also arranged for an extensive display of fire-works in the evening. The Lyle cornet band will furnish music for the occasion. The exercises will be held in the Minnereka grove.

Lyle news and first village election


LYLE,MINN., May 4, 1875.

Seeding on Minnereka Farm was finished April 28th, and wheat sown on the 30th of last month looks nice and green.

We have been seeding down considerable of our land to tame grass, in view of our new stock law. Can that law be enforced? is a question we would like to have answered.

The Minnereka Spiritualists are to hold a camp meeting next Sunday, in Barnum's Grove, near the residence of H. E. Sprague. Eloquent speakers are expected to be present.

Celebration of the Fourth In Lyle


The friends in Lyle township have made arrangements for a celebration of the 4th.
The following officers have been chosen:
President of the Day- Hon. R. Lyle.
Marshal-- J. P. Jones.

Rev. H. I. Parker, and Mr. T. J. Lake, of this place, have each consented to deliver a short speech; and Mr. Alanson Beach and Mr. W. T. Mandeville have also been invited to make a few remarks.

There will be a picnic supper on the prairie near Mr. W. L. Pitcher's residence.

Fourth of July Celebration at Mona, Iowa!





Invitations have been extended to the following named gentlemen; Hon. N. C. Deering, Hon. H. O. Pratt, J. L. Husted, Esq., Hon. T. M. Atherton, L. A. Cobb, Esq., Hon. Cyrus Foreman, G. W. Bennett, Esq., and L. A. Thomas, Esq.