Lyle news and first village election

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Saturday, May 6, 1876
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LYLE,MINN., May 4, 1875.

Seeding on Minnereka Farm was finished April 28th, and wheat sown on the 30th of last month looks nice and green.

We have been seeding down considerable of our land to tame grass, in view of our new stock law. Can that law be enforced? is a question we would like to have answered.

The Minnereka Spiritualists are to hold a camp meeting next Sunday, in Barnum's Grove, near the residence of H. E. Sprague. Eloquent speakers are expected to be present.

Lyle business houses are increasing and already have buildings commenced traveling across the streets, as witness John Rhindsmith's wagon shop. Laurits Welson's new hardware and seed store is among the recent institutions, and we notice another neat market building nearly completed.

Williams is back in his old drug store, and a new billiard room is inaugurated; vague rumors and mysterious whispers are ominous of pulsations in the heart of the elevator buildings.

The many friends of Mrs. L. W. Sherman are indulging hopes of her recovery. Her sister has arrived from the east, whose presence will enhance our hopes.

Our first bouquet of wild flowers was gratefully received, April 2d, from the fair hand of Miss Allie Sprague.

The first village election of Lyle, took place to-day, with the following result:
L. W. Sherman-Mayor.
Th. Irgens-Treasurer.
John Taskerud-Recorder.
P. Knutson-Marshall.

J. Trudler-
O. H. Lucken-
Ph. McLaughlin-