Work begins on highway project

LYLE -- Work has begun on a highway beautification project on U.S. 218 near here, where trees and bushes are being planted in areas adjacent to the ``Welcome to Minnesota'' sign at the Iowa border and on the highway right-of-way in and around the city.

The project is part of the Minnesota Department of Transportation participation in the ``Celebrate Minnesota 1990'' program.

Hoffman and McNamara, a Hastings landscaping firm, has the $36,740 contract.

Gov. Anderson (sic) Tells Graduates To Improve Selves

Gov. Anderson Tells Graduates To Improve Selves

Gov. Elmer L. Andersen addressed the 28 Lyle high school graduates and 1,200 parents, faculty and friends at commencement exercises held in the school auditorium Friday evening.

He said that "the finest investment young people can make today is improving themselves to the best of their ability..."

McIntyre Post No. 66 death resolutions

-At the regular meeting of McIntyre Post, No. 66, held on the 20th inst., the following resolutions were adopted:

Since death has invaded our ranks of late with startling frequency, taking from our number three comrades: Henry A. Fairbanks, Eben L. Merry, and William V. Little; therefore, Resolved, that we will hold in grateful memory, and ever honor the patriotic services rendered by these comrades in the hour of their country's direst need. Resolved, that resolutions of sympathy be prepared and given to the widows and families of our deceased comrades.

Robert Block Missing In Action On Korean Front Since July 16

Robert Block Missing In Action On Korean Front Since July 16

Mr. and Mrs. Jens Block of Lyle, Minnesota and former residents of St. Ansgar were notified last Sunday that their son, Pvt. Robert Block, 18 has been missing in action in the Korea fighting since July 16.

Bob, who has been in the army ten months, is a member of the 19th regiment of the 24th Division that has been in the thick of the fighting since the beginning of hostilities in June of this year.

Pvt. Block is a nephew of Mrs. Lee Hobbs of St. Ansgar.

Swept by a Hailstorm

Swept By A Hailstorm

Country Around Lyle, Minn,. Suffers Great Damage.

By Wire From Lyle, Minn., June 8.

One of the most destructive hailstorms that has ever visited this region passed over the country east of here last night. It was accompanied by a small tornado, and much damage was done to the growing crops. Windows were broken for miles around.

Arkansas Woman, 80, Bags State Banded Duck



An Arkansas woman, duck hunting on her 80th birthday, shot a mallard duck banded by Lyle, Minn., Future Farmers of America.

Mrs. Beullah Wallace of Gillette, Ark., shot the drake Jan. 8 on her 80th birthday. The duck had been banded by Dennis Helgeson, a Lyle High School junior last summer.

Helgeson received the bird as a day-old mallard in the state FFA banding program. He reared the breed for seven weeks before they were placed in a Mower County slough.

Francis Not Dead


A Bogus Newspaper Correspondent Hatches a Series of False Stories at Lyle, Minnesota.

Superintendent Said to Have Been Attacked by Pupils and Later to Have Died.

Special to The Journal.

Lyle, Minn., Nov. 19- Some one prompted by a motive which is not yet clear, is trying to injure the standing of and make life a burden for Professor Menzo Francis, superintendent of the Lyle Public schools.

An unknown correspondent recently sent to The Journal the following, which was printed in good faith for the news it was supposed to contain:

'Dinner train' on right track with good food

'Dinner train' on right track with good food

By Catherine Watson
Travel Editor
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Though we had allowed plenty of time to find Cedar Falls itself, we can up short on time - and shorter on directions- once we got there.

Our goal in town was the Star Clipper, known simply as "the dinner train" in the small towns along its 109-mile stretch of private track in the Cedar River Valley.

Lyle and Riceville enjoying booms

Lyle and Riceville are about the only towns in this part of the State that are enjoying booms at present. Town lots in both places are said to command fancy prices- that is to say fancy prices are being asked for them. Riceville will doubtless develop, during the next two years into a country town of from three hundred to four hundred inhabitants. Lyle is a sort of an unknown quantity. It is hard matter to form an estimate on how many new saloons will be opened in the old slough during the coming summer.

Lyle tramps

An occasional tramp strays into town and the manner in which a majority of the race deport themselves would indicate that they were "old men on the road." We believe in being charitably disposed toward individuals who have met with personal misfortunes and all that, but when a man has the gall to demand a night's lodging on the plea of being penniless when the odor of Lyle whisky permeates the air around him we generally feel as though the proper place to stow him away for the night is in the calaboose. It's an easy matter to go broke in Lyle.

Lyle visit

We made a flying visit up to Lyle the other day (this is strictly confidential) to see what was going on in that somewhat notorious burg. About the only improvements we noticed were those made by the railroad company. The new depot is nearly completed and is a better one than is usually erected in a small town. The round house, of eight stalls, will soon be completed and we were informed that the contract had been awarded for building fourteen additional stalls as soon as spring opened.

Trump's inauguration brings high stakes, hopes in rural Minn.

Trump's inauguration brings high stakes, hopes in rural Minn.

Donald Trump didn't win Minnesota. And he never visited Mower County. But his message resonated with voters in LeRoy and Lyle. Now they wonder: What's next?

By Mark Brunswick Star Tribune JANUARY 14, 2017 — 11:09PM

LEROY, MINN. – The morning temperature was 21 degrees and dropping, but winter’s chill and icy roads couldn’t keep the regulars from gathering around the “thinking table” at Sweet’s, a popular Main Street hotel and restaurant for more than a century.

Workers Give Cemetery Face-lift

Workers Give Cemetery Face-lift

Mona's Pleasant Hill Cemetery received a face-lift August 30 when a work party was organized to straighten up the cemetery. The work force was headed by Jeffrey Anderson of Anderson Memorials of Austin and Norris Anderson of the Mona Cemetery Board. Seven community members donated their time to help with the project, including Norman Blakestad, Ira Hofland, Dean Duenow, Robert Gleason, Tom Knutsen, Joe Follmuth and David Gunderson.

History Of Mona Past And Present

History Of
Mona Past
And Present

(By Mrs. Clyde Roehr)

The little village of Mona on highway 218 one mile south of Lyle in northern Mitchell county is scarcely noticed by travelers. It hasn't even been marked by a sign until last week when a sign was erected at the only place of business in the village, the Mona Grocery Store operated by Mrs. Adeline Geffert announcing the year of their Centennial.