Resident of the Fortnight: Louie Torgerson

Resident of the Fortnight

Louie Torgerson

The Resident of the Fortnight for this week is Louie Torgerson. Louie was born December 28, 1882 on a farm northeast of Lyle, Minn. His parents were Amond and Hansene Torgerson. Louie had three brothers and two sisters. He attended Gregg school north of Lyle.

On June 14, 1905 he married Emma Nelson in DeSmet, S. D, where he homesteaded and was an apprentice barber.

Our Savior Votes To Have Separate Pastor

The entire council of the Trinity Lutheran Parish at Lyle numbering about thirty were served a 5 p. m. supper at the Parish Center Thursday evening by Mission Circle No. 1 of Our Savior Lutheran church.

A meeting was held following at 8:00 p. m. and the congragatino of Our Savior Lutheran voted to sever their unity with the Trinity Parish, which has previously been three congregations (of Lyle, Mona and Six Mile Grove).

Our Savior now will become a congragation by itself, and Rev. Merland Johnson, who just recently moved to Lyle, will serve the Lyle congregation only.

First appearance of Lyle Leader News

A new section to the Enterprise this week is the first appearance of the Lyle Leader News, published in the interest of these people living in and around Lyle and who so badly need some local news source. We have decided to leave this in as part of the St. Ansgar Enterprise each week for several reasons. First, because of high production costs for separate units and secondly, because we're sure that the local populace of each town will enjoy reading and keeping abreast with the happenings of both areas.



Six Mile Grove steeple was removed July 22. On hand were several Grove members and friends, Larry Aanonson, Jeff Helle, Rick Murphy, David Anderson, Eric Douglas, Bryce Nelson and Russ Sampson.

This 1884 bell tower has a long history of service at Six Mile Grove. A new tower is being built and the bell will be used again.

The Six Mile Grove 125th church book stated work on the church began in 1867, and was completed in 1888. The Ladies Aide purchased the bell.

Woodbury Cemetery In Second Century

One of the finest well kept cemeteries in the area is located west of Lyle on highway 105 along the Red Cedar river.

The cemetery dates back to 1855 and perhaps even longer, but no early records were available. It was established by J.D. Woodbury in 1855. He came to this area and settled on the bank of the Red Cedar in the fall of 1853 where he erected a log cabin and covered it with sod. The Woodbury creek, School District 13 and cemetery were named for him. He left this area in 1855 for Olmstead county,

Lyle men grow beards, but can't touch Larson's


Lyle men grow beards, but can't touch Larson's

LYLE, Minn. -- Since early spring, Lyle are men have been growing beards for the upcoming Centennial.

However, none of them will come close to the one which Gunder Larson possessed in his day.

Larson, who lived in the Lyle-Mona area, had perhaps the longest beard ever grown. Relatives state that Larson never shaved and that his beard dragged on the floor two feet when it was unbraided.