Woodbury School House Moves To Lyle for Band

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Thursday, January 12, 1956

Woodbury School House Moves To Lyle for Band

One of the oldest landmarks west of Lyle was moved into Lyle Monday where it will again be used for its original purpose: education of future citizens. It was moved near the Lyle school building, and will be used for band, etc.

The present building was built in 1908. after a stove explosion caused the previous one to burn, but the school district was the first to he started in Lyle township, opening in 1856 with Maria Vaughan as the first teacher. School was held in a log house, built by a Mr. Pinkerton. In 1860 the district purchased a frame building in Otranto and moved it to the site on Woodbury Creek. This was used until 1874 when a new school was built. Anna McCune was the first teacher in the new building. The Woodbury Church of Christ was organized at this school in 1882.

On June 11, 1897 the school was again destroyed by the tornado that did much damage, reducing the school to splinters.

The district was named for a man named Woodbury who was one of the first to claim land in 1853 along Woodbury Creek.

The Addison Howard's, who farmed next to the school, were active in school affairs, and their grandson, Carroll Howard, still resides in the district.

Many may remember some of the early teachers whose names follow: Zillah Beach, T. J. Locke, C. R Huston, Erwin Lyle, Dora Clappsaddle, with some of the more recent ones being, Mrs. Sever Bang, Mabel Lightly, Mrs. Joe Apold all now of Austin, Mrs Carroll Howard, Dorothy Butler, with Mrs. James Balsley of Otranto teaching there until the district consolidated with Lyle in 1950.