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Friday, June 11, 1897
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A Wide Swath Cut at Lyle, Minn., and Vicinity.

One Man Is Killed and a Score of Persons Injured.

Destruction Done to Property Is Considerable.

Special Telegram to the Tribune.

LYLE, Minn. June 10.- A cyclone struck Lyle, coming from the northwest, at 6:50 this evening, doing great damage to property, killing one man and injuring a score or more of people. Henry Hanson, a farmer living a mile and a half west of Lyle, was the person killed. He had just returned home from Lyle and was caring for his team when the storm struck his barn, completely demolishing it and killing the team and other stock. Hanson was carried about 40 rods east, where his body was found badly mutilated. Hanson was a prosperous farmer and leaves a wife and child.

As nearly as can now be ascertained the storm originated four miles west of this village, half a mile north of the Iowa line, and pursuing a zig-zag course toward the northeast, sweeping everything before it. Trees were uprooted, telephone and telegraph poles were broken off, barns, houses, orchards, groves and gardens swept away by the fury of the storm. Several cars on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad were blown from the track, the lumber yard of L.A. Sherman was scattered promiscuously about the country and wind mills without number were destroyed.

As most of the damage is in the country, it is difficult to get accurate information, but as nearly as can be learned from 15 to 20 persons are more or less injured. Peter Hanson, a harness maker, has a leg broken in two places and his son, 14 years old, has a severe head wound, but will recover.

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks of Clarion, Iowa, who were visiting the Hanson, are both slightly injured.

Charley Larson, wife and child are injured.

Others injured slightly are Mrs. Stipe, P. K. Johnson, Christine Peterson, Mads Peterson, Peter Peterson, Charles Severson, Mrs. Dr. Fraser, Mrs. M. L. Hughson, son-in-law and daughter.

The school house, known as the Minnereka, near Iowa line, was completely obliterated. Everything that can be done is being carefully attended to by citizens and friends.

Physicians from Osage, Mitchell and St. Ansgar are on the ground assisting local doctors. The damage to property is variously estimated at from $25,000 to $75,000.


A Large Number Thought to Have Been Killed Near Lyle.

Special Telegram to the Tribune.
Oelwein, Iowa, June 10.- A terrific cyclone visited the city of Lyle, Minn., and surrounding country this evening, about 7 o'clock. Full particulars have not yet been received, but from a telegram received at the office of the Chicago, Great Western railway here, it is learned that the cyclone struck the outskirts of Lyle, blowing down the school house, several houses and barns, and throwing several cars off the tracks of the railway.

Eight people were badly injured, some of whom are not expected to recover.

Reports received at Lyle from the surrounding country indicate that the storm caused great damage to farm buildings, etc., and was very destructive to human life and to stock. Six people are reported dead, several severely injured and others missing, of whose safety grave doubts are entertained. The storm tore down the telegraph wires for some distance around Lyle and further particulars are, therefore, not expected here for some time. The names of the dead and injured are not yet known here.