Arrest made in connection wth Lyle school vandalism

The Mower County Sheriff has arrested an 18-year-old Austin man in connection with the Oct. 1 Lyle Public School burglary and vandalism that closed the school for two days.

Sheriff Wayne Goodnature said the man was a juvenile at the time of the incident, so he is being charged through the juvenile court system. Names of suspects are kept private in the juvenile system.

The man was one of three people arrested in connection with other burglaries in the Austin area, Goodnature said. The other two men were not charged in connection with the Lyle incident, however.

Austin arrests may hold clues to Lyle break-ins

AUSTIN -- Two Austin adults and a juvenile were arrested Wednesday night for break-ins at two Austin businesses, and are being interviewed to see if they had anything to do with recent vandalism and break-ins in Lyle.

Austin Police Chief Paul Philipp said the three were caught after an officer noticed a breakin at Dakota Joe's restaurant. Police began looking for other buildings that were entered and saw three people run from the back of the Austin Red Owl, he said.

It's back to school in Lyle after spree by vandals

Assistant cook Sandy Freese, left, and head cook Lola Denison, both of Lyle, clean pans in the Lyle school kitchen that had been sprayed with a fire extinguisher sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning. Vandals caused several thousand dollars in damages at the school. LYLE -- School was back in session in Lyle this morning after being closed for two days as school officials coped with damages done by vandals sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Vandalism binge hits Lyle area

About 280 Lyle students remained out of classes for a second day today as officials and cleanup crews mopped up damage from a binge of vandalism at the school Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

No immediate estimates were available, but losses likely will be several thousand dollars, authorities said. Insurance agents were to visit the school today to assess damages, Superintendent of Schools Paul Trelstad said this morning.

Man to be charged for murder

ALBERT LEA -- A 43-yearold Albert Lea man is expected to be charged today in Freeborn County Court with the murder of Douglas Jacob Freese, 26, of rural Lyle.

Dale Alan Ellegaard was arrested at his home Sunday by the Freeborn County Sheriff's Department.

Freese was found dead outside an Intestate 90 rest stop east of Albert Lea Saturday night. An autopsy was conducted Monday in the Twin Cities but no results have been released, according to the department. It is believed Freese was beaten to death.

Bail reduced for man charged in Lyle man's murder

ALBERT LEA -- Bail for Dale Alan Ellegaard, 43, of Albert Lea, who was charged with the murder of Douglas Jacob Freese, 26, of Lyle, was reduced from $200,000 to $25,000 in a hearing Friday morning.

He faces four counts of seconddegree murder. According to the complaint, he was with Freese in an Austin bar an hour before the murder and was upset with Freese's joking. The complaint says he beat Freese to death at a rest stop on Interstate-90 near Albert Lea.

Ellegaard remains in the Freeborn County Jail. His next appearance will be at 1:30 p.m. Feb. 12.

Capt. Stanley arrested

CAPT. W. STANLEY, of Lyle, in this county, has been several times arrested recently on what he and his friends assert to be trumped-up charges, having no foundation in fact. Just before his first arrest, he, as village justice, had fined six persons $50 each for selling liquor without a license. He did this in the line of his duty, as a faithful and impartial police officer. But we are informed the whiskey people very much incensed threat; and are at the bottom of these prosecutions of Stanley.

Horrible Stabbing Affray in Lyle Hardware Saloon


On the 12th inst., a traveling desperado, named Hoffgard, in a drunken frenzy, plunged a huge knife into the body of an unoffending youth of 19 by the name of A. T. Thompson, gave it a malicious twist, withdrew the weapon and while deliberately wiping the blade declared he had "given him a good one" and would like to kill two or three more.

He was seized, securely bound and sent to Austin in charge of P. Nelson, Esq., where we trust his dangerous career may end.

Kare Everson baby coroner inquest

CORONER'S INQUEST- On the 2nd day of December. 1873, G. H. Knowlton, Coroner, held an inquest on the body of an infant child, at the residence of Holver Oleson, of Otranto township. The circumstances surrounding the birth and death of the child are still shrouded in mystery. It seems that about two months ago a servant girl by the name of Kare Everson, aged about 18, was employed to do housework for the family of Mr. Oleson. Soon after she took up her abode with them, Mrs.

Missionary's Wife Slain; Husband Wounded by Bandits in Thailand Attack

Husband Wounded by Bandits
in Thailand Attack

BANGKOK, Thailand, April 21- Thai bandits shot and killed an American woman missionary and wounded her husband Friday in a raid on the couple's church in northeastern Thailand.

Paul Johnson, 29 years old, flown here yesterday for removal of several pellets from his abdomen, said nine bandits raided the Christian and Missionary Alliance church in Bangdon Mafai village in Udorn province.

Hunter, 14, Is Held in Slaying Of a Teacher in a Quiet Town

Hunter, 14, Is Held in Slaying Of a Teacher in a Quiet Town

LYLE, Minn., Aug. 14 (AP) -- On its face, this tiny corn and soybean country town is peaceful. Trees and lawns are trimmed and flowers abound in the yards of well-painted houses. Grain elevators stand tall.

But until Thursday night many of Lyle's 550 residents were worried about the sniper slaying last week of a 33-year-old teacher, shot through her living room window as she worked on needlepoint.

Menzo Francis false stories

LYLE, MINN.- Professor Menzo Francis, superintendent of the Lyle schools, was much surprised when he saw the article pertaining to himself in The Journal of Nov. 13. He does not know why those statements should have been made as they were untrue in every particular. Other false and malicious reports were sent to various twin city newspapers and published in the issues of Nov. 18.

Suicide Attempt

Attempted Suicide.
[Special dispatch to the Tribune.]

Kenyon, March 5. Last night a party named Howard, from Bozeman, Mont. at the railroad
eating house at Lyle, Minn., attempted suicide by cutting this throat with a penknife,
while laboring under the delusion that he was to be arrested for counterfeiting.

After doing the deed he walked to the office and asked the clerk for a drink. He had about $500 on his person. At last accounts this morning he was still alive.

Jurisdiction to end for teen convicted of murder

Jurisdiction to end for teen convicted of murder

Lyle, Minn.

A teen-ager convicted in 1983 of first-degree murder in the death of his eighth-grade math teacher in Lyle, Minn., turns 19 at the end of the month and will no longer be under the jurisdiction of the state Corrections Department, his lawyer said Friday.

The teen-ager, whose identity has never been made public, was released form a juvenile facility in May 1985 and remained on parole supervision pending his 19th birthday. He was 14 when charged in the Aug. 6, 1982 shooting death of Sharon Turnbull.

Lyle boy who killed teacher is paroled

Lyle boy who killed teacher is paroled

By Conrad deFiebre
Southern Minnesota Correspondent

A boy convicted of the premeditated murder of his eighth-grade math teacher three years ago in Lyle, Minn., has been paroled from the Red Wing juvenile detention center.

The boy, now 17, is living with his parents elsewhere in Minnesota and attending college after earning his high school diploma a year early, a corrections official said Thursday.

Lyle boy's delinquency upheld in teacher death

Lyle boy's delinquency upheld in teacher death

A three-judge district court panel has upheld a lower court finding that a Lyle, Minn., youth was delinquent in the murder of former schoolteacher Sharon Turnbull.

The youth, who was 14 at the time, was found delinquent last February by Olmsted County Judge Harold Krueger after a two-week closed hearing. A finding of delinquency is the juvenile court version of guilty.

Austin / Appeal of boy, 14, who killed teacher is delayed by late transcript

Austin/Appeal of boy, 14, who killed teacher is delayed by late transcript

The appeal for a 14-year-old boy found delinquent in the shooting death of Lyle teacher Sharon Turnbull has been delayed.

The boy's attorney, Bruce Hanley, said he requested a continuance of the appeal hearing scheduled Tuesday because of a delay in receiving the trail transcript.

He said his brief is now due Oct. 1, after which the state will submit its response.

Turnbull, 33, was shot through a screen as she was sitting in the living room of her home Aug. 6, 1982.

State agency gets custody of youth guilty in Lyle killing

State agency gets custody of youth guilty in Lyle killing

By Bill McAuliffe
Southern Minnesota Correspondent

Austin, Minn.
The Minnesota Department of Corrections will determine what happens next to the 14-year-old Lyle, Minn., boy who shot and killed teacher Sharon Turnbull last August.

Olmsted Count Judge Harold Krieger turned custody of the youth over to the corrections department at a dispositional hearing Monday rather than sentence him to a specific rehabilitation or detention program.