Capt. Stanley arrested

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Thursday, March 11, 1880
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CAPT. W. STANLEY, of Lyle, in this county, has been several times arrested recently on what he and his friends assert to be trumped-up charges, having no foundation in fact. Just before his first arrest, he, as village justice, had fined six persons $50 each for selling liquor without a license. He did this in the line of his duty, as a faithful and impartial police officer. But we are informed the whiskey people very much incensed threat; and are at the bottom of these prosecutions of Stanley.

In each of these cases, the ex-judge of this district appears as persecuting attorney. Stanley was first arrested and taken before Justice Noble of this city. The case was transferred to Justice Griffith-but Page and the witnesses not appearing, Stanley gave bail to appear and answer at the district court, desiring, as he said, that a full examination into the accusations against him should be made. But this was not to be the end.

He has been three times arrested since, the last time Monday- the first time being released on a defect in the papers, and the last two times on a writ of habeas corpus. If the intention is merely to arrive at the facts, why this cat-hauling of a man all over the country? Give the man a fair show for himself. His good name, his family, his friends, are suffering under such treatment. If guilty of the charges, he should be punished, but he should be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

Perhaps the fact that two years ago he presented the petition of 1500 voters to Page, and also allowed his name to appear to an anti-Page address during last fall's campaign, afford sufficient explanation for Stanley's continued arrest and examination before one and another of the justices of the county. A practicing attorney at law who will dishonor his position by harassing and annoying a person to gratify his hatred and malice, should not be allowed to practice law, even before a justice of the peace.