Sunnyside cemetery

Mona man will remove son from Sunnyside cemetery


A member of the Mona Lutheran congregation is said to have declared that unless a certain Mason who was recently buried in the Sunnyside cemetery was removed he would have his son dug up and buried elsewhere.

Poor, benighted man! Is it possible that within five miles of Lyle there lives a man so narrow-minded, small, contracted, bigoted, stupid and superstitious and at the same time parades himself as a man of intelligence. Such a man, if man he can be called, belongs to the dark ages and has no business living in modern times.

Rachel Anderson obituary


The funeral of the late Mrs. Rachel Anderson was held Wednesday and interment was made in the Sunnyside Cemetery. Mrs. Rachel Anderson was born in Logn Norway, in the year 1830 and came to America in 1862. She was married in Madison, Wis., the same year to Ole Anderson. She was the mother of five children, four of whom are living. Deceased passed away at the Independence State Hospital, April 26th.

Julia Nelson obituary


Miss Julia Nelson daughter of C. M. Nelson died of consumption Wednesday at 8:45 A. M. at the home of R. C. Rustad. The deceased was 22 years of age and leaves besides her father two sisters, Mrs. R. C. Rustad and Mrs. Phillips and six brothers; Christian, Mads, Peter Fred, Chris and Henry to mourn her death.

The funeral was held at the house at 1 P. M. today. Rev. C. D. Belden conducted the service. Interment was made in the Sunny Side cemetery.

The Obituary of Mrs. Martha Gould


Martha Anderson Gould, daughter of John and Maggie Anderson, was born in Norway on November 5, 1842, and died on February 6, 1928, aged 85 years, 3 months and 1 day, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. C. Frank at Rudd, Iowa.

She was married in 1864 to Cohn Gould, living first in St. Ansgar and Newburg townships, later moving to Otranto township, where she resided with her children, living a greater part of the time with her son Ed at St. Ansgar. Her husband passed away from this life in 1895.

Obituary of Julia Nelson

Obituary of Julia Nelson.

Died at the home of her sister, Mrs. R.C. Rustad at Mona, Iowa, Wednesday morning, October 21, 1903, of quick consumption, Miss Julia Nelson, aged 23 years and ten months.

She is a daughter of C. M. Nelson and leaves besides her father, two sisters, Mrs. R. C. Rustad and Mrs. Thos. Phillips, and six brothers: Christian, Mads, Peter, Fred, Chris and Henry, to mourn her death.

O. N. Hagna Met Death Saturday



Died as Result of Automobile Accident Near Lyle.


Car Collided with Illinois Central Train at Crossing A Mile South of Lyle.

O. N. Hagna of Austin was fatally injured early Saturday afternoon, when a truck he was driving crashed into a northbound Illinois Central passenger train, at a crossing a mile south of Lyle. The train crew brought the injured man to Lyle, from where an ambulance rushed him to St. Olaf's hospital here. He died late Saturday, not having regained consciousness.

Miss Julia Nelson obituary

Miss Julia Nelson died of consumption Wednesday at the home of her sister, Mrs. R. C. Rustad, south of Mona, age 23 years. She had always been in good health until about eight months ago since which time she has been failing. She was born in Mona, Feb. 2, 1880, and graduated from the Mona public school. Her entire life was spent in this vicinity. She was of a cheerful, loving disposition, and died calmly, content that her soul should pass to its Maker. She leaves a father, C. M.

Gus Edie funeral

Gus Edie died of quick consumption at St. Olaf's hospital, Saturday morning and was brought here Saturday evening for burial. He had been ill but a short time, having been confined to his room less than two months. He was born in Norway, and had been in America, only about four years. For the past two and a half years he has been in the employ of Meyer & Nelson, and O.T. Lund. He was a quiet unassuming young man, and by his courteous ways had won many friends among both young and old. He leaves a mother in his native country, and his first thought seemed to be for her welfare.

Henrietta Seaverson obituary



Henrietta Ries Seaverson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ries of Mona was born in Union township, Mitchell county, Iowa, March 12, 1878 and died in Lyle, Minn., Sept. 8, 1900, at the age of 22 years, 4 months, and 27 days. April 14, 1898 she married Mr. S. Seaverson. To this union a son was born, a bright little fellow a little over a year old, who survives to cheer the lonely hours of the stricken husband and father.

Charley Running obituary



During the past week the angel of death visited our village and two lives responded to its call. One of the victims, who is the subject of this sketch had been laid low by the white plague. Tuberculosis and death came after nearly five years of pain and suffering. Treatments of various kinds and operations gave him no relief. For the past year and a half the deceased has been confined to his bed and while he was hopeful of recovering, death only could end the terrible agony and suffering he endured.

John Peterson obituary



John Peterson. a young man well known in this vicinity, died Sunday morning, at St. Olaf's Hospital in Austin, of typhoid fever. Mr. Peterson who had not been feeling well for several days, was taken sick May 1st and was taken to the hospital the following day. Mr. Peterson's case not considered serious and the news of his death came as a shock to the community.

The deceased was the son of Mrs. Elverum, who resides 3 miles west of town.

Ella Olson obituary


Miss Ella Olson, daughter of Hans Olson, died Monday evening. She had been suffering with consumption for about 4 years. Deceased was about 20 years old and leaves several sisters and one brother besides her father to mourn her departure. The funeral was held at Mona and interment was made in Sunny Side cemetery.

Julia Nelson obituary


Died at the home of her sister, Mrs. R.C. Rustad at Mona, Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 1903, of quick consumption, Miss Julia Nelson, aged 23 yrs., 8 mos.

She was a daughter of C.M. Nelson, and leaves besides her father, two sisters, Mrs. R.C. Rustad and Mrs. Thos. Phillips, and six brothers, Christian, Mads, Peter, Fred, Chris and Henry, to mourn her death. She was noted for her cheerful, lovable disposition.

Clara Myhre obituary


Miss Clara Myhre the sixteen year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Myhre died at the home of her parents on First Street, Tuesday morning about seven o'clock.

Clara was born on Oct. 2nd, 1887 and was one of a family of five children. For a year and a half she had not been well but the immediate cause of her death was pneumonia and pleurisy, with which she had suffered three weeks.

Emma Miles obituary & Mona


Not quite so cold.

Mrs. Mondolland, of Mitchell, was visiting friends here last Friday.

Ole Larson had the misfortune to break his ankle while loading hogs Saturday morning. Ole is doing well at this writing.

Dolly St. John, of Otranto, came over to meet her mother who came up from Osage Monday.

Hogs are bringing good prices here.

C.B. Angell, of Charles City, is in town in the interest of the Northwestern Life Insurance Co., of Minneapolis.

Julius Trebus left for South Elmhurst, Ill. Thursday to visit relatives.