Gus Eide obituary: "The Merciless Reaper!"

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Friday, April 18, 1902
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The Merciless Reaper!

This time cuts down one just in the prime of life.

The sad news of the death of Gus Eide reached us on Saturday last; he having died that morning at St. Olaf's hospital, Austin. This death is made doubly sad because of his lacking relatives in this country, his mother residing in Norway.

He had not lived very long in Lyle but long enough to win many true friends who mourn his untimely demise. He clerked for some time in the general stores of Myhre & Nelson and O.T. Lund. This is a warning to us all to be ready for we know not how soon the summons may come to us, and again are we called to face the fact that the old must die and the young may die.

He was brought from Austin Saturday evening and Rev. M. W. Kenney preached his funeral sermon form M. E. church Monday p. m. If there were no relatives present at the funeral there were many friends who showed by their presence as well as by floral offerings that if a young person leads a good life, he will have plenty of friends in health, in sickness and in death.