Fierce winds flatten trees, cut power, level grain bins

Harlo Wheeler inspects the hole where a wind-toppled tree crashed through the garage roof Sunday on his farm two miles northeast of Le Roy. The storm was reported to have winds reaching close to 70 mph, the National Weather Service said. No one was injured in the storm, authorities said. Post-Bulletin Photo by Phil Beighley. A violent thunderstorm spawned reports of funnel clouds and hurled 70-mph winds across parts of Mower and Fillmore counties Sunday.

Train derails south of Austin

Eighteen cars were left twisted and toppled after a train derailed south of Austin Tuesday. The cars were empty and a Soo Line spokesman said the cause of the derailment is under investigation. A train derailment south of Austin near Lyle Tuesday left 18 Soo Line Railroad cars twisted and toppled. The derailment occurred at 4:45 a.m. on the Soo Line Railroad tracks that run parallel to U.S. 218 near Mower 5. A Soo Line spokesman said there were 22 loaded cars and 96 empty cars in the train. The 18 that derailed were empty.




One killed, Seventeen badly Injured
Twenty-five Houses and Barns
Totally Destroyed.

Last evening about 7 o'clock at terrific cyclone destroying every thing in its pathway, originating in the eastern part of Freeborn county about a mile north of the state line, passed through Lyle township southeasterly into Nevada, crossing the north portion of town.

As our forms were made up last evening, we can only give names of killed, injured and heaviest losers.

J. C. Owen, buildings destroyed, all in cellar nobody hurt.

Barn burned, danger of fire in Lyle

"A miss is as good as a mile" is the old adage, but we would rather that little barn that burned last Friday just north of Mr. Hanson's harness shop had been a mile away. Had the wind been a little north of east instead of a little south of east, in all probability there would have been but little of Lyle standing today. As it was, the barn containing some hay, and August Webber's buggy were consumed. The display of our fire department at the fire was, to say the least, amusing.

Van Camp died from railroad accident

Most of your readers have heard of the death of Van Camp. He and two other men were in the act of replacing the trucks under a car when the support gave way and his head was caught between the axle of the trucks he was moving and the step of the car. The top of his head was completely severed. It was a very sad affair. The afflicted ones have the sympathy of all. His family have returned to their home in Otranto. What a sad home. No life insurance or pecuniary appropriation from the company can compensate for the loss they have sustained.

Lyle hail storm

-Lyle was visited by a terrific hail storm, accompanied by a high wind, Monday night. The grange elevator at that place was damaged to a considerable extent and other buildings were badly shook up. Windows facing the direction from which the storm came were pretty nearly a total wreck, all the glass being broken by hail. Grain stacks were scattered to the four winds. It was the most destructive storm that has ever swept over the locality. At Mona, one mile south, no damage is reported.- St. Ansgar Enterprise, Sept. 24

'Nobody could get her down' - Mary Lagerquist death

‘Nobody could get her down’: Woman who died after plane crash always upbeat, sister recalls

By Jeff Chew
Wednesday, October 5, 2011 12:01am

AGNEW — Lyla Stoike lost more than a loving sister Sunday.

Gone is her best friend, a woman who always was upbeat and helped Stoike find her Atterberry Road home in the Dungeness Vall­ey.

“She was the best friend a girl could ever have. I sure wish Mom and Dad had more kids, at least one like Mary,” Stoike said Tuesday of her older sister.

“This is terrible.”

The Cyclone at Lyle, Minn.


Strange Freaks in the Whirling Wind-- Horse Blown Eighty Rods and Not Injured.

LYLE, Minn., June 11.-- The cyclone which struck this vicinity last night laid waste a track about 200 yards wide and ten miles long. Thousands of dollars' worth of property is in waste. The barn on the Funda farm was the first to suffer; J. C. Owens's fine residence, barn, and granaries are destroyed. He and his family went into the cellar, and none was injured.

Wiped Out by Fire

Wiped Out By Fire

MASON CITY, Iowa, May 2. -- Lyle, Minn., was wiped out by fire to-day. The flames first broke out in a vacated hotel. Two depots, two hotels, two elevators, Lund & Lund's store, John M. Ibers's store, three saloons, Kundson's (sic) hardware store, and several meat markets and barber's shops were burned. Only three business buildings are left. The loss will reach $15,000.