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Friday, June 11, 1897
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One killed, Seventeen badly Injured
Twenty-five Houses and Barns
Totally Destroyed.

Last evening about 7 o'clock at terrific cyclone destroying every thing in its pathway, originating in the eastern part of Freeborn county about a mile north of the state line, passed through Lyle township southeasterly into Nevada, crossing the north portion of town.

As our forms were made up last evening, we can only give names of killed, injured and heaviest losers.

J. C. Owen, buildings destroyed, all in cellar nobody hurt.

Chas. Howard, barn destroyed.

Woodbury School-house smashed to splinters.

Chas Seaverson, skull fractured, buildings demolished.

W. Stipe, house and barn destroyed, Mrs. Stipe injured.

John Johnson, buildings ruined.

Mrs. Lars Berg, new house destroyed.

Jos. Wyborny, all buildings totally destroyed.

Henry Hanson, 2 1/2 miles west, killed, buildings destroyed.

Mrs. Hanson and three children badly injured.

Minnereka school house destroyed.

August Webber, barn and windmill.

John Webber, barn and windmill.

Willis Bryan, all buildings, family saved in cellar.

Christian Peterson,
Mads Peterson,
Peter Peterson, all seriously injured and buildings destroyed.

The storm struck Lyle north of C. G. W. round house tipped over two freight cars standing on the Milwaukee track, blew the wheel of city water tower thence east destroying every thing in its way.

Peter Hanson, leg broken.

Mrs. Hanson, rib broken, internally injured.

Robt. Hanson 13 year old son, cut terrible on forehead.

Mrs. Hughson visiting at Hanson's, seriously injured.

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, of Clarion, Iowa, at Hanson's, seriously injured.

Chas Larson, badly bruised about head, house and barn demolished.

Mrs. Larson and child, seriously injured.

Dr. Frazer, barn completely demolished.

Chris Christensen, new house partly up, destroyed.

Mrs. Nelson, two miles east, barn destroyed.

Rev. Eggen, windmill blown down.

As the wires to Austin were cut off, telegrams were sent to St. Ansgar and Osage for medical aid. Through the courtesy of the Illinois Central railway company a special train was sent to Osage to bring the physicians.