Suicide by hanging: Andrew U. Peterson

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unclear where he is buried, likely Six Mile Grove
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Wednesday, May 31, 1882
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-SUICIDE BY HANGING.- Last Saturday night, Andrew U. Peterson, hung himself to a tree on his farm, 3 miles east of Lyle village, in Nevada township.

There seems to be no rational cause assigned for the act, as Peterson was well-to-do, and his family relations were always pleasant. He had recently sold his farm, and was to give possession in a few days. It is said he regretted the sale, and that he had to leave the old farm worked upon his mind. This fact, together with intemperate drinking, are the only causes assigned for the act.

He was 52 years old, and was living with his second wife. That he premeditated the deed, is shown by the fact that two or three weeks ago he made his will in which he gave all his property to his wife.

Dr. Hollister, County Coroner, was telegraphed to, and went to the scene of the tragedy Sunday. He came to the conclusion that an inquest was unnecessary, therefore, none was held, and the county was saved the expense.