State Homeopathic Medical Society Annual Meeting Yesterday in Minneapolis

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Wednesday, June 8, 1870
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State Homeopathic Medical Society. Annual Meeting Yesterday in Minneapolis.

The fourth annual meeting of the Minnesota Homeopathic Institute met at Pomeroy's Hall at 2 p.m. yesterday. The following are the names of delegates present: Drs. Williams, Alley, Wedelstraedt, and Weigman, St. Paul; Drs. Leonard, Goodwin, Huntington and DeWitt, Minneapolis; Drs. Lathrop and Skeels, Northfield; Dr. Wheat, Austin; Dr. Higbee, Red Wing; Dr. Cooley, Faribault; Dr. Sillman, Hudson, Wis; Dr. Turner, Lyle, Minn; Drs. Donberg, and Cosner, Mankato; Dr. Webber, St. Cloud; Dr. Whiteman, Anoka.

The president, W.H. Leonard, M. D. of Minneapolis, called the meeting to order, and the secretary read the minutes of the last meeting, held at St.Paul. The first order of business was the admission of new members, of whom there were five. After the usual examination of candidates by the board of censors, and their favorable report, they were duly elected members of the society.

The committee on [illegible: Maleria Medica?] met being ready to report, Clinical Medicine was next taken up, and many very interesting cases reported, upon which free discussion and criticism was invited and participated in by nearly all present.

Unusual interest was manifested throughout the afternoon session, and at five p.m. the meeting adjourned to meet at eight in the evening.

Evening session.
Clinical Medicine continued through the evening.
Adjourned at 10 p.m. to meet this morning at 9 o'clock.