Old Settlers Meet.

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Wednesday, August 31, 1898
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Old Settlers Meet.

The old settlers of Cedar City and vicinity held a picnic at Officer's mill Thursday Aug. 25th. The oldest settler present was David L. Chandler of 1854. Mrs. A. Lott 1855, the Phelps families, Bonnellies and Watkins' were the next to arrive in the spring of 1856. Alfred Cressey and wife came Oct. 13, 1856. Welcome Osborn and Joshua Welch and family were a a few days later to arrive. From the families of Phelps' there have sprung up by marriages from five daughters and two sons, fifty-four more. Four of these daughters were present, viz: Mrs. Andrew Gemmel, Mrs. Alfred Cressey, Mrs. D. Niles, widow of John B. Niles; also Mr. and Mrs. Siloam Williams of Kansas, Thomas Bonnellie and Alfred Cressey. From the original Welcome Chandler and wife there are thirty-seven grandchildren. From the original John Watkins and wife have sprung up thirty-one children. From these three first settlers of families at Cedar City there has been born one hundred and twenty-two persons. There was also another family came a little later on, viz, Jonh Carter and wife, she also as well Mrs. Welcome Chandler being a Phelps. If I am rightly informed, to these parents were born sixteen sons and daughters and from these I have no time to find out how many grand children have been born, but quite likely more than any before mentioned. A few other old settlers were present Abraham Dickerson and wife, also of good report in the same line, who have done something in many ways for the building up of the young and now beautiful State of Minnesota. About one hundred person were present mostly brothers, sisters, cousins and parents.

The Officer brothers having married two of the young women of the Phelps stock, did all they could to make the picnic a success and very enjoyable. Four of the sisters present, in years have reached two hundred and fifty-five years, and probably after a few more days of earthly enjoyment will meet no more on this side of Eternity's shore, but hope to meet beyond the rolling river, and day without night feast in God's sight, and enjoy the rest prepared for the people of God, and have a reunion, meeting the loved ones who have gone on before.

Such is another landmark of the first settlers of Cedar City and vicinity.