Mrs. David Aultfather

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Wednesday, June 6, 1917
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Mrs. David Aultfather

One by one the old pioneers of Mower County are passing away and in the death of Mrs. Aultfather, which occurred Saturday morning, removes from our midst one of the oldest and most respected settlers of Mower County.

Pamelia Foster was born September 27, 1840, at Dennis Creek, Cape May County, New Jersey, and which was her home until 1848, when with her parents, James and Judith Foster, they emigrated west to Sagamon county, Ill., where they lived for nearly thirty years.

The desire for the west was so great that with team and wagon, household goods and family, they pushed on until they reached what was then the Territory of Minnesota and settled near the banks of the Cedar river in Lyle township, June 7, 1854.

They were the first settlers to cross the Iowa line and settle in Mower county. Here she lived with her parents until July 8, 1857, when she was married to David Aultfather, a pioneer of Austin township of 1856. David Aultfather, upon his arrival in Austin township, took up 120 acres of government land, for which he paid $1.25 an acre. Here he moved his young bride, and here they toiled together, experiencing the hardships as well as the pleasures of pioneer life. The only neighbors those days were the Red men, who camped on the banks of the Cedar and many times came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Aultfather and asked for coffee. The nearest marketing place was then McGregor, and here Mr. Aultfather made many trips, leaving his young wife to care for the home until his return.

As time rolled on the original old log house was replaced with a comfortable frame house and the stock was sheltered in a barn instead of a straw shed. These were the days when modern improvements were unknown, yet happiness and pleasure reigned in this home and the results of the labor of these worthy people in time added to their possessions 1566 acres of land. They divided their land amongst their children. Each child is settled on 160 acres of land, a gift from their parents.

To them nine children were born: Mrs. Vilena L. Vest, Charles F., William J., David C., George F., Andrew J., James H., Mrs. Laura Duerst, and Miss Clara Aultfather, all living in the vicinity of Lyle and Austin.

On November 19, 1899, death claimed Mr. Aultfather. Mrs. Aultfather remained on the old farm which had always been her home, with her daughter, Clara, until Saturday morning when she passed from this world. Besides her children she leaves one sister, Mrs. Louisa Parmenter, of Lyle and one brother, George Foster, of Morris, Ill. Deceased was a woman of a beautiful disposition. Kind and gentle and a friend of everybody. Not only devoted to her home and family, but to her friends and neighbors, and the pleasant smile that always met them will be seen no more, yet the memory of a good woman will linger in her place. Altho not a member of any church, she always attended Sunday school and church whenever convenient and her life was not only an example to her children, but to her friends as well. She died as she lived, a good honest woman, and a life well spent. Funeral Wednesday at 2:00 p. m. at the home, interment in Cedar City cemetery beside the husband.