Henrietta Eggen obituary

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Friday, November 10, 1899
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On Monday morning, November 6th, at four o'clock, at the homestead two miles east of town, Mrs. J. M. Eggen, wife of Rev. J. M. Eggen, pastor of the Lutheran Church.

Mrs. Eggen had been in poor health for some time but nevertheless her death was a sudden blow to all who were intimately acquainted with her. They least expected that the end would come so soon. On Sunday evening she was taken with one of her bad spells, caused by heart failure, and this was shortly followed by another sinking spell, after which she went into a stupor from which it was impossible to arouse her.

So sweetly and so quietly did she depart this life that even those of her family that were near her bedside could scarcely tell when the last breath was drawn. Not a tinge of pain nor a sign of suffering could be traced upon her countenance as silently she lay there sleeping.

The funeral occurred yesterday at the church at Six Mile Grove, and the interment was made in the churchyard. It was one of the largest funerals ever held in this vicinity. Hundreds of people were there from Lyle and vicinity, from Adams, from Austin and from St. Ansgar.

There were two services. One in Norwegian conducted by Rev. Olson of St. Ansgar and the other by his son. The church was very beautifully and tastefully decorated, and several floral tributes, gifts of sympathizing friends were in evidence.

The deceased is well a favorably known in this community, and the loss will be felt among a wide circle of friends. She came with her husband to this place when he took the pastorate of the Adams, Mona and Six Mile Grove congregations, and during that time has enshrined herself in the affections of the people.

Her maiden name was Henrietta Frederica Rusov. She was born in Christiana in 1844, August 1st and was 55 years old. She was married in 1865 and shortly afterwards came to this country with her husband.