D. B. Gleason obituary

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Thursday, March 28, 1872
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GLEASON- At his residence in Cedar City, six miles south of Austin, Minn., March 20, 1872, Rev. D. B. Gleason, aged 38.

The deceased resided for several years at Shell Rock and Freeborn, in this county, where he was known, and for aught we know, universally esteemed as a conscientious and faithful minister of the gospel, and doubtless many will drop a sympatheic tear to his memory when they learn he is no more.

For years past his bent body and limping gait have indicated dissolution near, but not withstanding. He went about doing his Master's work until his final release came.

A large concourse of neighbors and friends attended the rites of burial, impressed with the fact that a model Christian, faithful minister, and true friend had been called home. G.E.