Verna Hofland obituary

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Wednesday, January 1, 1930
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Overcome By Gas While In
Bath-tub On New
Year's Eve

New Year's Eve brought tragedy into a home in the village of Lyle with the report of the death of Verna Hofland, 22 year-old- Lyle girl.

The girl was asphyxiated by gas while on a visit with friends at Winona. She was bathing, prior to attending a New Year's Eve party, when she was overcome.

Members of the H. B. Kline family, whom she was visiting, found her body. The girl had been in the bathroom for some time when the family became alarmed. They called to her but she did not answer. A gas heater in the bathroom had been burning. When the family broke into the room they found it filled with gas. Efforts to revive the girl failed.

Verna was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Iver Hofland of Lyle. The parents received word of her death Wednesday evening. Mrs. Iver Hofland, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Volstad and Bert Hofland left immediately for Winona. The body was brought to Lyle Thursday evening. Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.