Tramp shot at Olson's saloon in Lyle

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Wednesday, August 18, 1880
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One day, about three weeks ago, a tramp giving his name as "Jack O'Donald," together with several other tramps, attempted to "go through" Olson's saloon, at Lyle, in this county. A young man boarding at Olson's, at the moment when he thought the bulldozing had gone far enough, pulled out his revolver and fired at "Jack," one of the leaders of the mob.

The ball entered his neck just back of the ear and lodged somewhere on the side of the neck. The mob immediately dispersed, and "Jack" was brought to Austin for treatment. Dr. Squires probed the wound for the ball but could not find it. The fellow was taken to the poor farm, where he had remained until Monday, when he took the train for Cincinnati, apparently as well as ever, carrying the bullet with him, -in the back of his neck.