Step Aboard The Star Clipper Dinner Train!

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Sunday, January 26, 1986
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Step out of the ordinary...
Step Aboard The Star Clipper Dinner Train!

Enjoy the unique, total Star Clipper experience as you...
... relax with the near-hypnotic rhythmic click and gentle sway of your three-hour train excursion
...savor the delightful four-course meal and beverage of your choice, prepared aboard the train and served with grace and personal attention to every detail.
...reminisce of a more simple and relaxed era in either of the two refurbished, modern and comfortable dining cars.
...enjoy the quite serenity of the Cedar River Valley as it constantly changes outside your personal tableside window.

Schedule Your Star Clipper Excursion Today!

The Star Clipper Dinner Train runs between Glenville in South-Central Minnesota and Waterloo in Northeast Iowa. Daytime and evening excursions are available from various departure points. Reservations are required and are now being accepted for all 1986 departures.

To request detailed departure schedules, excursion brochure or simply to make your reservations, write or call.

The Star Clipper Dinner Train P.O. Box 246
Osage, Iowa 50461
Office Hours: 11AM - 7PM

Gift Certificates Always Available