Six Mile Grove to Observe Anniversary

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Thursday, May 10, 1984

Six Mile Grove To Observe Anniversary

Six Mile Grove was originally and still is largely a heavily wooded six mile long angling strip of wood and water. Early pioneers were brought to this area, mostly Norwegian immigrants, by the Rev. C. L. Clausen who also founded St. Ansgar village in northern Iowa. He also brought Norwegian immigrants to the Austin, Little Cedar, Blooming Prairie and Red Oak Grove areas, of which Little Cedar and Red Oak Grove are celebrating their 125th anniversary in 1984.

Thus in November 19, 1859 the first Six Mile Grove Lutheran church meeting met under "The Big Elm" on the Thrond Richardson farm, later to be LaVerne Austinson's farm just east of Lyle in Nevada Township. This large elm is declared to have had a height of 35 feet, with up to a half mile of shade. It later had to be cut down for wagon routes. On June 20, 1937 a monument was dedicated at his site, stating: "In this yard, under the Big Elm, Six Mile Grove Lutheran church was organized November 19, 1859." L.M. Eggen and his son, John, lettered the bottom cement support for the large rock boulder which was hauled in to mark the site.

Six Mile ALCW women are preparing for a salad luncheon guest day May 17 from 11 to 2 p.m. Waitresses will be in bright Norwegian similar costumes. They hope to have their Six Mile Grove cook book completed, to include delicious recipes including those of former pastor's wives. The ALCW is preparing a special historical quilt which may be completed by mid-summer. Then in the fall, September 1 and 2, there will be an all church community celebration for their 125th anniversary year.

Six Mile Grove also hosts an annual Memorial Day dinner and coffee times for its visitors, as the cemetery is an integral part of the church grounds and its history. Six Mile Grove is two and a half miles east of Lyle.

The Rev. and Mrs. Gaylord Grant have been serving this Trinity Parish of Six Mile Grove and Mona Lutheran churches since November of 1975. Rev. Grant lived in the area as a youth, and has served as a missionary to Brazil with his family.