Six Mile Grove man burned

Article Type: 
Death Notice
Publication Date: 
Sunday, May 22, 1870
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--An old man, a Norwegian, living on the farm of Ole Oleson, at Six Mile Grove, in this county, had his head and shoulders burned in a frightful manner, on Tuesday last. Mr. Oleson had burned a straw stack a few days before, and supposed the fire had gone out, but the heavy gale of Tuesday last fanned the smoldering embers, and blew sparks into the hay upon a stable near by, and it soon was enveloped in flames. At this time the old gentleman rushed into the barn for the purpose of saving two calves which had been confined there, when the roof fell in, burning him about the head and face terribly. A boy, about fourteen years of age, was also considerably burned in his endeavors to release the old gentleman. A physician was immediately sent for, but it was feared the man could not recover. --Austin Register