Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church 125th Anniversary 1859-1984

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125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
with the hope
That their virtues may be equaled and their toils and sacrifices duly appreciated by their descendants.
WE THANK YOU DEAR LORD GOD for our church, which you have created and loved. For the grace, which sustains
us each day, and your love in Christ Jesus, which frees us and unites us. Empower us with your spirit now and forever to the salvation of many souls. God bless each one as we prepare for and celebrate this great day.
REMEMBER the days of old, consider the years of many generations; ask thy father and he will show thee; thy elders and they will tell thee.
(Deuteronomy 32: 7)
125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
Six Mile Grove Church as it stands in 1984.
One hundred twenty-five years ago, Six Mile Grove was a forest undisturbed by the European emigrants. The church got its name from the original forest that was said to have stretched six miles long along Otter Creek in Nevada Township.
Bit by bit, the timbered land was cleared to make room for the planting of crops. Most of the grove still remains stretching east of Lyle. This is sort of a living monument to the pioneers who first began to clear the land.
Thov Olson Uvesaker came to Six Mile Grove forest in 1853. He was gone during the winter, but came back in the spring of 1854. The following Norwegians moved and settled in the forest in the course of two years; Hans Swenson and son, Christopher; Thrond Kleppo Richardson and son, Ole T.; Mathias Hanson; Knut Kvale: Swend Trasimet; Peter Martin; Gunder Halverson; Ole Thovson; Halver Thovson; Aslak Flaten; Torges Olson; Trond Bunde; Ole Sampson;
Frederick Martin; Johannes Martin; Andrew Anderson and sons, Hans C. and Anton.
During the next two or three years ca e: Herman Amundson and son, Knut; Knut Hage; Francis Hearsh; Thov Larson; Halvor Volstad; Torbjorn Enerson and sons, Sam, To , and Nels; Andrew Bergeson and sons, John and Hans; Richard Olson; Jarand Olson; Richard Lunde; Nels Olson, and son, Ole Nelson.
The following settled here between 1858 and 1868: Gunder Knut­ son; Ole Rue; David Nelson and sons, Nels, Ed, and Ole; Tarje Gut­ tormson and sons, Ole and Gustave; Lars Meyer and son, Christian; Knut Tollefson; Jacob Jacobson; Swend Jacobson; Knut Lastine; Dreng Augeson; Knut Stoe; Ole and Jens Stoe; Bjorn Jorgenson; Lars Olson Tuve; Gulbrand Hazelbreck; Ole Severson; Anders Veslehagen and sons, Erick and Nels; Lars Arneson; Gunder Ostenson; Tollef Ostenson; Andrew Femriet and son, Ingebriet; Gulbrand Morstad and son, Tosten; Ole Lastine; Andrew Peterson: Johannes Arneson; Even Evenson; and Ole Evenson.
Monument erected in 1937 on the H. o. Austinson farm marks spot where "The Big Elm Tree" stood in 1859.
These well known people had belonged the Lutheran State Church of Norway and, while some probably had no spiritual crav­ ings, others were yearning for the "Bread of Life" and looked prayerfully for a servant of God who could preach to them the Word
125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
of Salvation and administer the Sacraments of the Lord. The nearest Lutheran Church was at St. Ansgar, Iowa, where the first settlers took their infants for baptism and the young people for instruction in religion, preparatory to confirmation. Marriages were also per­ formed there. Pastors, however, visited the settlement and gathered for devotional services. Among them were Pastors Clausen, Preus and Otteson.
On the Trond Kleppo Richardson (great, great grandparents of Mrs. Jeff (Kathryn Hotson) Helle) farm (recently occupied by the LaVerne Austinson family), in Section 29, one-half mile north of the present Six Mile Grove Church, once stood a great elm tree.
It was in the shelter of this "Big Elm" that a group of sturdy Norse pioneers met. The need of a congregation of their own prompted the permanent organization of Six Mile Grove congregation on November 19, 1859. It was organized by Rev. Claus L. Clausen of St. Ansgar and was one of the first Scandinavian Lutheran Churches in Mower County. Services continued at the Richardson farm under the Big Elm and later at the Kvale home (old Theodore Enerson farm) until the church was built. The large elm tree with a 35-foot trunk shaded an area of more than half an acre. The Big Elm tree was later removed because of deterioration.
Torgus Olson, Grandfather of Rudolph Haugland, came from Nor­ way to the United States in the 1840's. He homesteaded 160 acres in Nevada Township, and received the deed in 1859. He gave one acre to the Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church in 1860, on which the church was built. The remaining 159 acres have been in the family for 130 years.
In 1937, it was decided that a historical monument be erected on the farm where the Big Elm once stood. The stone used in the monu­ ment once stood in the farm garden of a former pastor, Rev. J. Muller Eggen. Here children always played and sat on the huge rock. Before the frost went out of the ground, Walter Eggen hauled this stone from his farm across the field with his tractor. It was mounted on a base and a bronze plate attached to the boulder was in­ scribed:
In this yard under the Big Elm Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church was organized November 19, 1859
The lettering on the base was the handiwork of L. M. Eggen and his son, John. It was dedicated June 20, 1937, by Pastor O.M. Langehough.
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125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
The Rev. C.L. Clausen organized the congregation. He was born in Denmark on November 3, 1820, and came to America on August 8, 1843. He was ordained on October 18, 1843, at Muskego, Wisconsin, and began his professional career there. He established and built of logs the first Scandinavian church there in 1844. The church stood for many years. It was then taken down and removed to the Augsburg Seminary grounds midway between St. Paul and Minneapolis where it was preserved log for log. In its interior is a life sized oil painting of Rev. Clausen as a mark of appreciation from the United Lutheran Society. He built another church at Rock Prairie, Wisconsin. In 1852, he went to Iowa and purchased some land, on which now stands the town of St. Ansgar. He built his home, constructed a dam across the Cedar River, and built a saw mill. In 1853 he organized and built a church there. He organized Six Mile Grove under the big elm tree in 1859, and was paid a salary of $150 a year.
In addition to Six Mile Grove Church, some two dozen Lutheran churches were organized in the area by Rev. Clausen. Some of them are First Lutheran, St. Ansgar; Red Oak Grove, Austin; Little Cedar, Adams; st. Olaf, Austin; Rock Creek, Osage; Round Prairie, Glenville; rst Lutheran, Blooming Prairie; Silver Lake, Nor­ thwood; Freeborn, Clarks Grove; and Bear Creek, Grand Meadow.
Rev. C.L. Clausen Rev. Johan Olson Rev. B.B. Gjeldaker 1859-1871 1871-1878 1878-1881
To the memory of those pastors, who served so well, and their faithful wives, today and always, we should say, God bless their
memory, one and all.
125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
In 1861, the Civil War erupted and he became Chaplain of the Fif­ teenth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. He served until he had a par­ tial stroke and was honorably discharged. He then returned to St. Ansgar, where he resumed his professional work. In 1867, Pastor Clausen accepted a call to serve 5 congregations at a salary of $800 a year, if they would give him farm gifts such as wheat, corn and other produce as part of his salary.
Six Mile Grove St. Ansgar
Red Oak Grove Little Cedar Rock Creek
12 services 27 services 14 services 12 services 10 services
$128.00/year 288.00 150.00 128.00 106.00
In 1872, he settled thirty miles north of Richmond, Virginia. After recovering his health he came back in 1878 to live and preach to several congregations in Blooming Prairie. About 1887, he received his second stroke and resigned. He then retired and took up his residence in Austin. He had a third stroke, while visiting his sons in Washington, which caused his death February 20, 1892. He was
buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Austin.
The Rev. Johan Olson succeeded Rev. Clausen and served until 1878. Professor B.B. Geldaker was the next pastor until 1881 when the Rev. J. Muller Eggen was called. During his pastorate, the Rev. P.A. Dietrichson served as assistant part of 1904 and 1905. After ser­ ving the congregation for 23 years, the Rev. Eggen resigned because of poor health. The Rev. N.N. Esser, who succeeded the Rev. Eggen, served until 1912. Professor Olaf Lee of St. Olaf College, Northfield,
Rev. P.A. Dietrichson Rev. N.N. Esser 1881-19 19 -19 19 -1912
Rev. J. Mu er Eggen
125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
Rev. A. E er Moe Rev. G. Storoas Rev. C.S. Yang 1913-1922 1919-1920 1923-1925
Minnesota, was acting pastor during part of 1912 and 1913 until the next pastor, the Rev. A. Elmer Moe took charge. He served unti11922 with the exception of one year when he did organization work at Owatonna, Minnesota. During this time, the Rev. G. Storoasli was in charge.
The Rev. Moe was succeeded by the Rev. C.S. Yang, who served until 1925.
The Rev. O.M. Langehaugh served us faithfully for 19 years, 1925-1944.
The Rev. M.L. Hostager was here during part of 1945 and 1946.
The Rev. T.G. Torvik was pastor of the congregation from 1946 to 1949.
The Rev. O.T. Boe served temporarily for three months until the Rev. S.V. Gjervik came in December of 1949. He served until 1954.
The Rev. S.O. Stenson was here from 1954 until 1958.
The Rev. Gorden Rasmussen was our interim pastor from September, 1958, until July 1, 1959.
The Rev. Ernest Stolen was interim pastor from July to September, 1959.
125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
The Rev. Stanley Klemesrud was pastor from June, 1960, to June 1969. He farmed for nine years before attending st. Olaf College. He graduated from St. Olaf College in 1950 and Luther Seminary in 1953. He served as a missionary in Japan from 1953-1959. During his pastorate, a new constitution was approved, the new Fellowship Hall was built, a couples club was organized, support was initiated for Missionary Rumme of Japan, a new Baldwin piano and organ were purchased. Three children - Paul, Karen, Timothy - were born to Pastor and Mrs. Klemesrud. Mrs. Klemesrud lives in Osage. Pastor Klemesrud died on July 11, 1977.
The Rev. Einar Unseth was pastor from July, 1969, to June 1975. He had been a missionary in Japan for nine years and had a pastorate in Woodland, Michigan, for six years before coming to Six Mile Grove.
While Rev. Unseth was Pastor of Six Mile Grove, he started the Sunday evening Outdoor Services and midweek Bible Study. The front entrance addition to the church was built in 1973. Pastor and Mrs. Unseth have six sons - Nathan, Peter, Andrew, Reuben, Joseph and Benjamin. He has had a Home Mission congregation in Bismar­ ck, North Dakota, for the past six years.
The Rev. David Eide served as interim pastor until Rev. Gaylord Grant was called.
Pastor Gaylord Grant came to Six Mile Grove in November' 1975 and serves the congregation at present.
Rev. S.V. Gjervik
Rev. O.M. Langehough
Rev. T.G. Torvik
125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
He grew up in the Austin area. He attended the Austin and Lyle High Schools and graduated from Lyle in 1945. He farmed several years in the area. He met his wife, Gloria, while attending the Lutheran Bible Institute in Minneapolis. He is a graduate of the Ar­ my Counter Intelligence Corps School, Augsburg College and Luther Theological Seminary. He worked for the Minneapolis Post Office for seven years while attending school. The Grants were mis­ sionaries in Brazil for thirteen years. They have five sons: David, Daniel, Michael, Timothy and Thomas. David was ordained into the ministry at the Six Mile Grove Church June 22, 1980.
Rev. S.O. Stenson
Rev. S. Klemesrud 1960-1 9
Rev. E. Unseth
1 9-1975
v. G. Grant
125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
Work on construction of Six Mile Grove Church began in 1867, and was completed in the spring of 1868. The church was built during the hard times following the Civil War. While pioneers were building the church, they had a band of Indians to contend with who lived along the creek.
The Building Committee consisted of Ole Sampson, Hans Ander­ son, Gunder Knutson and Pastor Clausen. The main building is made of brick and is 30' by 50' while the vestry is 20' by 24'. The bricks for the church were made from pressed limestone soil in Sec­ tion 27, then known as the Ed Nelson farm. It is now owned by Richard Nelson. The steeple was added in 1893 or 1894. The church was built at a cost of $7,000.00.
The church has a limestone foundation constructed by Ole Samp­ son. Ole's daughter, Anna Sampson Everson, was the second white child born in Nevada Township. She was born August 25, 1854. At the age of 13, she hauled much of the limestone over two miles to the site
The beautiful altar of Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
with a yoke of oxen. The church today still stands on its original limestone foundation. Mrs. Andi Flaten Jacobson was the first white child born in Nevada Township.
The church was dedicated in 1868 by Rev. Johan Olson, the first resident pastor after organization by Rev. C.L. Clausen. Two original paintings are still in the church. These paintings on the altar were done in 1880 by A.H. Olson, a relative of some of the early pioneers. The church bell, which cost $325, was purchased by the Ladies Aid. The bell is still in use and is always rung one hour before church services.
This inscription is found on the bell.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
The first wedding in Six Mile Grove Church was the marriage of Helen Martin and Francis Hearsh. The first funeral was that of Aslak Knutskaas in 1856. The first organ was purchased and install­ ed in 1889. Laura Eggen, 12-year old daughter of Rev. J.M. Eggen, who served the parish at that time, was the first organist. Laura became the wife of Rev. E. Waldeland, who was a former pastor of First Lutheran at St. Ansgar.
On May 10, 1901, the parsonage burned on the Rev. J.M. Eggen farm (Walter Eggen's today). All the records of the church were destroyed.
John Eggen's ordination was held June 5, 1921, at Six Mile Grove Church. Rev. M.E. Waldeland performed the ordination. Rev. Moe was then the Pastor. John was the grandson of J. Muller Eggen.
The Ladies Aid always had a project in progress. In 1941, they gave lights to the church.
In December of 1950, a cross was placed upon the steeple to replace the weather vane that had blown off.
A new Wurlitzer Organ was installed in 1951. It was purchased from a memorial fund and other special donations.
In early years of the church, assessments were levied and trustees each had a route of people to see and collect from. In 1955, a pledge system was adopted for raising funds for parish and congregational needs. This has also been discontinued.
In 1961, it was determined that the old dining hall had served its purpose and needed to be enlarged. The old dining hall was torn down, and a new one, including basement and well were built. The new addition included a dining room, kitchen and pastor's study. Sunday school rooms and restrooms were built in the basement. Carpet was donated for the basement.
In 1963, the interior of the church was redone. A new ceiling was put in and paneling was put on the walls. Beautiful stained glass win­ dows were installed and given by members of the congregation as memorials. In 1964, a new Baldwin piano was purchased. A new Baldwin organ was purchased and dedicated on Sept. 17, 1967.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
The summer of 1972 brought worship to the outdoors. This marked the beginning of Outdoor Drive In Services. The idea originated with Rev. Unseth and is sponsored by Mona and Six Mile Grove Chur­ ches. The Drive-in services are held on the Mona Church lawn each Sunday evening through the summer. uuest speakers and musical groups from Iowa and Minnesota make the services very special. Many have enjoyed this unique way to worship - "Come as you are, and sit in your car."
In 1973, it was decided to build a 30' by 28' front entrance addition onto the church. The Building Committee consisted of Glen Aanon­ son, Chairman; Max Patterson; Charles Truckenmiller; Virgil Slinde; William Klusmeier; Henry Jensen; Marvin Klouse; Newell Nelson; Tom Johnson; Alfred Nelson; Lorimer Nelson; and Richard Nagel, Congregation Chairman. Building plans were drawn by Gerald Sampson, Great-great grandson of Ole Sampson, who did the mason work for the church in 1867. Ground-breaking ceremonies were conducted on June 17, 1973, by Pastor Einar Unseth. Members of the Building Committee and Church Council turned the first spade of dirt. The addition includes a narthex, lounge and restroom and contains a stained glass window. It was dedicated on May 12, 1974, at which time it was debt free.
An outdoor bulletin board and historical plaque were given by memorials and are located on the front of the new addition. New brick corner posts were attached to the iron fence when the narthex was added. The flower urns were put back and again hold beautiful flowers.
In 1976, a beautiful lighted cross was also given by memorial. This hangs over the altar inside the church. The following year new lighting was installed in the church. New hymn books were purchas­ ed in 1978 to replace the red hymnals purchased in the 1950's. In 1978,
a large memorial lighted cross was given and attached to the bell tower. It can be seen for many miles. Since then, the church has been reshingled, air conditioning has been placed in the church and dining room, new pew cushions and carpet have been installed. The dining room has been papered and new drapes purchased for it.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
Replica is on display at the Mower Co. Fairgrounds.
In January, 1976, the Nevada township Bicentennial Commission suggested a replica of Six Mile Grove Church be built. Glen Aanon­ son and his sons, Leland and Larry, took on the project at a cost of $1,600.00. The replica is 13 feet long by 13 feet high. They used all new materials, including redwood shingles. Each 10-foot siding board has 210 cuts on it. Many hours were put into this lasting monument. After participating in many parades during the U. S. A. Bicentennial, the Six Mile Grove Church replica is now on display at the Mower County Fair Grounds in Austin, Minnesota.
Vain is the strong oak in our ships Without strong hearts in our men.
(a Norse proverb)
125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
Much of the history of the area is reflected in the church cemetery. Many pioneer names can be found on the tombstones which mark burials as long ago as 1856. It was in 1856 that the first burial took place. It was Aslak Knutskaa, age 45.
Many of the headstones were made of soft stone found in the area. Erosion has almost obliterated some of the lettering, but we have found many readable stones from burials from 1857 and on. This last year we have found 167 names of early burials dating from 1857 through 1913. We now have almost a complete record of burials in the cemetery. The Grove's parish house was destroyed by fire on May 10, 1901'and all cemetery and church records were destroyed, so there were no records left from before the association was reorganized.
The cemetery was formerly owned and controlled by the con­ gregation, but was turned over to the Six Mile Grove Cemetery Association and incorporated on March 10, 1913.
The materials for building the iron fence and the brick corner
posts came to a total cost of $303.48. The evergreen trees that were planted were purchased for a total cost of $21.00.
In 1956, Circle No. 2, as it was known then, started serving lunch on Memorial Day. Since that time each circle has taken turns serving, with the proceeds still going to the Cemetery Association.
The Cemetery Association has a perpetual fund which is used for upkeep such as mowing, fixing old monuments and also buying addi­ tional land for burials.
The two brick pillars in front of the church were replaced in 1977 given by memorials. A plaque was given in honor of all veterans buried in the cemetery by Mr. and Mrs. Chris E. Olson. The names of the veterans are engraved on it. At present there are forty-two. This plaque was dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1983.
Present officers are President-Russell Sampson; Secreta -Glen Aanonson; Treasurer-LaVerne Austinson; Directors- Kenneth Meyer, Virgil Slinde and B ce Nelson; Sexton-Larry Aanonson.
125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
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On March 14, 1914 Six Mile Grove, Mona and Lyle met jointly and decided to buy and modernize a building in Lyle for a parsonage as property of the three congregations at a cost of $4,000.
In January, 1951 the three churches, Six Mile Grove, Mona and Lyle, formed the Trinity Lutheran Parish. These three churches had always been a part of the same parish and served by the same pastors. They adopted a parish constitution which united member­ ship, but they still would each have their own place of worship.
A need for a neutral center where they could carry on joint organizational activities was realized. They purchased the old fur­ niture store building that had once been a garage. They renovated it and on September 13, 1953 the Trinity Lutheran Parish Center was dedicated. It was used as a meeting place for all parish organiza­ tions. It was also used as a recreation and community center. In 1957 a youth canteen was opened in the parish center.
In 1957 a beautiful parsonage was built, at a cost of $22,000, for the pastor serving the three churches. The lot was donated by John Hollerud and located at the north end of Lyle. It is now occupied by the pastor of Our Saviors Lutheran Church, the Rev. Harold Luecke.
In April 1959.votes were taken in all three congregations to deter­ mine whether they should form one congregation. The voting reveal­ ed that they were not all in favor of this. Six Mile Grove and Mona decided to remain as sister churches in the Trinity Parish. They kept separate congregations, but continued to have one pastor serve both congregations. The Lyle church decided to establish a one congrega­ tion parish. The shares of Six Mile Grove and Mona congregations in the Trinity Parish were sold for $30,000 to Our Saviors of Lyle. The transaction was finalized in February 1960.
On December 27, 1959 the board authorized the trustees to pur­ chase the Roy Gerbig house at the cost of $14,000. This was to become the new parsonage for Six Mile Grove and Mona Lutheran Chruches. Pastor Stanley Klemesrud and family lived there. It was sold in January 1970 to Arleigh Austinson. Since then, the Parish has not owned a parsonage.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
The Six Mile Grove Ladies Aid was organized in 1892 by the Rev. Johan Olsen. The only means of transportation was walking or driv­ ing a slow horse and buggy. They did not travel very far! At that time there were two separate groups of Ladies Aids. They were call­ ed the "West Ladies Aid" and the "East Ladies Aid." They did not meet on the same day as the pastor was in attendance and led with devotions and a short sermon. Each Aid consisted of 20 members with a president, secretary and treasurer as officers. The Norwegian language was used for many years, gradually changing to the English language.
Many changes have been made over the years since the organiza­ tion. In addition to the above named officers, we now have a vice­ president, secretaries of education and stewardship.
The Aid had a budget and this was set up for one year. The dues were ten cents a month, later twenty-five cents, and now it is free will offering. The mission boxes which they had were called "Dusty box, Dusty Heart." Today we have "Thank Offering Boxes."
Meetings were held only eight months during the year. Now we meet every month. Their January meeting was held in conjunction with the annual church meeting and a huge lunch was served follow­ ing the meeting.
For several years there was a gift exchange among the members. Later the gifts were given to the Orphans Home'. The amount given was 10c, per member. A flower fund was started and this money was used to purchase flowers for the altar. Following the services they were given to the shut-ins or elderly.
125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
Front Row - Mrs. Harlan Olson, Pres.; Mrs. Carleton Hanson, V. Pres.
Back Row - Mrs. Larry Aanonson, sec. ; Mrs. Gerald Sampson, Treas. ; Mrs. Don Patterson, Stewardship Sec. ; Mrs. Thorman Olson, Education Sec.
The name has been changed over the years. It is now the American Lutheran Church Women (ALCW).
They have given Egemier Bibles to those in Cradle Roll entering first grade and Bibles to those entering the third grade. Those who were confirmed are given the "One" magazine.
Eggs were packed and sent to Children's Receiving Home in Min­ neapolis. During World War II, the boys in service were sent birth­ day cards and boxes of goodies at Christmas time. Garments have been made and sent to India and New Guinea. Baptismal towels are made and given to each child or adult when they are baptised.
The ALCW is governed by a constitution which has been up-dated three times, the last time being in 1978. An audit committee was add­ ed in the last few years.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
Mary Askland, Hazel Penning, Gladys Ashley, Emma Tow, Alice Rohne, Gladys Olson, Vera Olson, Lila Klusmeier, and Agnes Olsen.
Several ladies get together on Monday afternoons to quilt. Clothing and material is donated or purchased to make these quilts. Pieces are cut, sewn together, and tied to become quilts for Lutheran World Relief or needy people. These women enjoy the pro­ ject, not only working together, but socializing.
The first lights in the church were donated by the ALCW in 1941. They also purchased the first organ for the church.
The ALCW sponsored an Indian child each year for the years 1970 through 1974. Also a family in North Carolina for one year, sending them boxes of clothing.
The ALCW also is involved at st. Mark's Lutheran Home. We serve one month during the year. Each circle serves lunch and puts on a program each Tuesday and Auxiliary Day is hosted by the ALCW. Our contact lady, Alice Rohne helps with the yearly ac­ tivities.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
The first circles were organized in 1912. There were two circles, namely Eudora and Ithial. In 1929 they were reorganized into four circles, meeting at homes the second Thursday of each month with Bible Study and offerings and going to missions. Today there are five circles; Ruth, Rebecca, Dorcas, Naomi and Esther. The Bible Study is from the Scope magazine which each woman subscribes to.
Many circles have given donations to the church, dining room and kitchen. A few of the items donated are: small coffee servers, clocks, towels, tablecloths, coffee urns, dishes, salt and pepper shakers and many other items.
Circles help with serving at Memorial Day dinners, Evangelistic Services, Lenten Services, funerals and Bible School. Their offering is also a free will offering.
The circle members have purchased books, given book reports at the ALCW meetings and then donated these books to the church library. Circles have also made and donated activity kits, kiddie kits and soap.
Front Row - President, Adeline Lastine, Gertie Nelson, Ef e
Back Row - Hazel Rue, Bertha Slindee, Mrs. Chris Olson.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
President, Mrs. Kenneth Anderson, Mrs. Joy Lillegard, Mrs. Erhart
Penning, Mrs. Melvin Rohne, Mrs. Agnes Olsen, Mrs. Victor Skov
Mrs. Alice Rohne, Mrs. Virgil Slinde.
Not Pictured - Mrs. Robert Rohne, Mrs. Dale Anderson, Mrs. David
Anderson, Mrs. Warren Austinson, Mrs. Max Ellis, Mrs. Duane Enerson, Mrs. Kevin Enerson, Mrs. Neal Kenyon, Mrs. Joris Kyllo, Mrs. Robert Nelson, Mrs. Derry Olsen, Mrs. Gregg Rugg, Mrs. Melody Scheffel, Mrs. Charles Stark, Mrs. Rodney Williamson.
Sitting - Mrs.- Kermit Askland, Mrs. Elmer Nagel, Mrs. Walter Eggen, Mrs. Ervin Helgeson, Mrs. Rena Sampson.
Standing - Mrs. Max Patterson, Mrs. Jim Sampson, Mrs. Gaylord Grant, Mrs. Don Patterson, Mrs. Gerald Sampson, Mrs. Russell Sampson, Mrs. Kenneth Meyer, President, Mrs. Lorimer Nelson and Mrs. Richard Nagel.
Not Pictured - Mrs. Newell Nelson, Mrs. Todd Ehret, Mrs. John Anonson, Mrs. Larry Helgeson, Mrs. Gary Meyer, Mrs. Timm Ahret.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
Mrs. Lloyd Hanson, Mrs. John Tow, President, Mrs. Glen Aanonson,
Mrs. Thorman Olson, Mrs. Gertie Nelson, Mrs. Wm. Klusmeier,
Mrs. Jeanette Reuter, Mrs. Larry Aanonson.
Not Pictured - Mrs. Gladys Ashley, Mrs. Hamlin Ashley, Mrs.
Arnold Enerson, Mrs. Louis Hesselgrave, Mrs. Marvin Klouse, Mrs. Nordean Nelson, Mrs. David Olson.
Front Row - Mrs. Harlan Olson, Mrs. Lyle Prindle.
Second Row - Mrs. Carleton Hanson, Mrs. Richard Nelson, Mrs. Carlton Reuter, Mrs. Gregg Johnson.
Third Row - Mrs. Bryce Nelson, Mrs. James Wagner, Mrs. Hans Helle, President, Mrs. Gary Nelson, Mrs. Mark Olson, Mrs. Merle Nelson.
Not Pictured - Mrs. Jeff Helle, Mrs. Kenneth DeBoer, Mrs. Tom Johnson, Mrs. Larry Rector, Mrs. Sylvan Stromley, Mrs. David Young.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
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The first term of parochial school in the settlement was taught in the Hans Swenson Twingleys' home. This was a log house in section 32 formerly owned by A.T. Austinson. The first parochial teacher was Anders Peterson.
In the early planning of our church there was a need for the organization of Sunday School. The Sunday School was organized when Rev. J. Muller Eggen was serving as Pastor. The first superintendent was Ole Petersen. Mr. L.M. Eggen was Sunday
Front Row - Mrs. Alice Rohne, Mrs. Melody Scheffel, Superin­
tendent, Ms. Joyce Tow, Mrs. James Wagner and Mrs. Richard
Back Row - Mr. and Mrs. Mark Olson, Mrs. Jim Sampson, Mrs.
Richard Nagel, Mrs. Hans Helle, Mrs. Lorimer Nelson, Mrs. Lyla
Not Pictured - Mrs. David Olson and Ms. Michelle Young.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
School superintendent for twelve years. When he was injured in 1928 the vice-superintendent, Newell Nelson became superintendent. Mr. Nelson served for 23 years.
During the time Pastor Langehough served, the Sunday School Christmas programs were held each evening for three nights. At this time they were being held at the Trinity Parish, which consisted of Six Mile Grove, Mona Lutheran and Our Saviors in Lyle. The children enjoyed looking at the real candles on the Christmas tree. Needless to say there was always concern about a fire setting.
Since then many have served for a year or two as superintendents. Some of them were Norman Nelson, Merle Eggen, Elaine Eggen Thompson, LaVern Austinson, Marilyn Klusmeier Nelson and Elaine Klusmeier. Sunday School teachers also assisted.
In 1951 the three churches had release time from school to attend religion classes. This has been discontinued as have the Sunday School pins children received as an incentive for attendance.
From 1959 to present our Sunday School has been served by the following superintendents: Adele Hanson, Mary Ann Nelson, June Hanson, Phyllis Helle, Judy Stark, Jolene Enerson, Joris Kyllo and Joyce Tow, our present superintendent.
In 1979 our Sunday School started co-sponsoring a child from India through World Vision; her name was Martha Abraham. When Mar­ tha finished school we were given another child, Gnany Sulochana of India.
Our Sunday School has also been sending Bibles through an organization "Bibles for the World" to other countries of the world. We have sent 48 Bibles in the Spanish language to Chile, South America and 200 to the West Indies.
Our Sunday School Christmas program is held the evening of December 23rd each year.
The Sunday School choir, not only singing for church services, has brought much happiness to those in the rest homes.
At present there are 48 children enrolled in our Sunday School. The children also attend vacation Bible School for one week in the sum­ mer.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
First Row - Brett Anderson, Steven Sampson, Christy Helgeson,
Tammy Jutzi, Brian Sampson, Connie Jutzi, Chans Meyer. Second Row - Mitch Helle, Jeff Olson, Craig Helgeson, Brandon
Sampson and Patty Wilson.
Back Row - Ryan Rugg, Tara Kenyon, Allan Anderson, Kerry
Olson, Tammy Kenyon and Jennifer Olson.
Not Pictured - Noah Ehret, Shawn Enerson, Amber Nelson, Brett
Anderson, Ben Nelson, Tawnya Enerson, Melissa Olsen, Scott Scheffel and Troy Anderson.
First Row - Shelly Helgeson, Marty Helle and Staci Rugg.
Second Row - Kelly Nelson, Teresa Dunn, Brett Wagner, Troy Rohne, Danny Nagel, Mike Nelson, Jeremy Sampson and Troy Olson.
Back Row - Colleen Nelson, Jo Ellen Kyllo, Brandon Wagner, Marty Johnson, Scott Rohne, Scott Nelson, Paul Wilson and Danny Williamson.
Not Pictured - Dan Rector and Mindee Scheffel.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
The choir dates back to the 1890's when members rehearsed in the homes and parsonage. Music was sung in the Norwegian language at that time.
A women's chorus began in 1934 d continued until the Rev. Stanley Klemesrud became pastor in 1960 when a men's chorus was started in the parish. The men joined the ladies chorus and are still singing.
The choir has been an important contribution to the worship ser­ vice throughout all these years.
Front Row - Mrs. William Klusmeier, Mrs. Walter Eggen, Mrs. Jim
Sampson, Mrs. Gaylord Grant, Mrs. Gary Nelson, Mrs. Richard
Nagel, Mrs. Merle Nelson, Mrs. Carlton Reuter.
Second Row - William Klusmeier, Walter Eggen, Lorimer Nelson,
Pastor Gaylord Grant, Erhart Penning, Mrs. Ervin Helgeson.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
Mrs. Bryce Nelson, Mrs. Jim Sampson and Mrs. Ervin Helgeson.
The Young People Society has been in existence since 1906. In 1960, it became the Luther League, with young people from Mona Lutheran and Six Mile Grove Lutheran Churches meeting together. Parents served as sponsors. The League sponsors two needy children. Other activities include Easter Breakfast, ice cream social and fall banquet.
Officers are: President - Connie Rohne, Vice-President - David Reuter, Secretary - Tommy Anderson, Treasurer - Paula Jahr, Auditors - Michele Sampson and Jill Meyer.
The Trinity Parish Brotherhood is made up of the men from Mona and Six Mile Grove Lutheran Churches. The Brotherhood meets once a month September through May. They put on a joint outdoor worship service and picnic each July. In December, they host the an­ nual Oyster Stew and Chili Supper.
Officers are: President - Virgil Slinde, Vice President - Wayne Hanson, Secretary - Don Patterson, Treasurer - Mark Olson.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
Front Row - Hans Helle, Deacon; Mrs. James Wagner, Parish
Secretary; Mrs. Harlan Olson, Financial Secretary; Erhart
Penning, Deacon.
Back Row - Robert Nelson, Deacon; Russell Sampson, Chairman'
Jeff Helle, Trustee; Bryce Nelson, Trustee; Gerald Sampson,
Parish President; and Larry Helgeson, Trustee.
Not Pictured:
Head Ushers - Mark Olson and Glen Aanonson.
Board of Education - Mrs. Lorimer Nelson, Mrs. Mark Olson and
Mrs. JeffHelle.
Hazel and Erhart Penning and Alice Rohne.
And this Quasquicentennial we celebrate.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church Four sons of the congregation who have entered the ministry . . .
Ole T. Gus ve T. e
Alfred B. Anderson
John M. Eggen
A people who take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything to be remembered by remote descendants.
(Lord Macaulay)
Nothing in the past is dead to the man who would know how the present came to
be what it is.
(Stubb, English historian)
125th Anniversary, S Mile Grove Lutheran Church
In this land far away
From the country of Norway,
Many people said goodbye to their families,
And then set sail across the seas.
They put their possessions in a small boat.
And prayed that they would stay afloat.
When this new land they did reach,
They wanted someone, who to them would preach. Across this new land, they walked and drove.
Til at last they came to Six Mile Grove.
There was this pastor a few miles south,
Who would often come to help them out.
They would gather under this Big Elm Tree,
And there would get down upon their knee.
Pastor Clausen would lead them in prayer.
To thank the Lord that they were here.
Now, these people Pastor Clausen led.
And to them God's Word was read.
Now, these pioneer folks were very wise,
For Six Mile Grove Church they did organize.
And soon they began to toil,
To make bricks from the native soil.
And in Eighteen Sixty-Seven came the day
That those many bricks they began to lay.
The church building was complete in the year Eighteen
And, then, in that year it was also ready to dedicate.
Now, here, many people confessed their faith,
And it is still in use on this date.
In the year of Eighteen Ninety-Three they built a new vestry, And a steeple in which to put a bell which they could ring. They purchased an organ to make music and sing praises to
Christ the King.
We have had pastors, who met our need,
To spread God's Word as we would sow our seed.
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
the years,
Many lay out here beneath the sod.
And, now, as we come here to congregate, And this Quasquicentennial we celebrate.
So, may we, too, as these folks were blest, When they went to their eternal home to rest. Then let us all do our share.
That is why we hold this celebration here. Then let us all get down on our knee,
So the Lord will see some good in you and me. And it is plain to see that God does care
By just looking at the painted pictures above the altar here. For in the verse below we see,
His great promise to you and me.
"Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away sin,"
And by this promise our hearts are cleansed and pure within. Now, may we, too, as those pioneers receive
God's many blessings if only in Christ we do believe.
And His Holy Name we not forsake,
But come to His table and of His precious body and blood partake. So, when here on earth our work is done,
He will say, "Come home, thou blessed one."
Glen Aanonson
Chairman - Glen Aanonson
Co-Chairman - Russell Sampson
Secretary - Mr. and Mrs. Lorimer Nelson Treasurer - Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Reuter
Now, much joy by births and marriages we have seen throughout
And sickness and death have brought us sorrow and tears. Now, those pioneers, who here have trod,
125th Anniversary, Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church
We have been blessed working together with the members of the parish during these years. Many times they have ministered to us even more than we have been able to minister to them. We are bless­ ed to be able to have a part of this 125th Anniversary celebration. May the Lord bless each member as we continue to work together in Christ!
Pastor Gaylord & Gloria Grant & family
"Now Him who by the power at work within us is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, for ever and ever. Amen." (Eph. 3:20-21)
We are thankful to our great God for the 125 years He has blessed our congregation. We praise Him for His faithfulness. We thank Him for being able to be His witnesses both here and throughout -the world. We are thankful to everyone who has served in various ways to make possible our celebration. May we continue to go forward serving.our wonderful Lord!
We extend a cordial welcome to everyone who is celebrating with us. May God richly bless each one of you!
Sincerely in Christ, Pastor Gaylord o. Grant