Paul Dahl obituary

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Friday, August 4, 1933
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Aug. 4, 1933
Paul Dahl-Written by a Friend

(Published by Request)

And they named him "Paul" the dear man child who was sent, some seventeen years ago, to the ideal home of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Dahl at Lyle, Minnesota.

His arrival brought much joy to the family and to many friends as well- all of whom watched his growth and development with interest.

As a child his winsome ways endeared him to many. As a youth his fine traits of character and pleasing personality made a him a most welcome member in religious, social and civic circles in which he moved.

Sad was the day in which the death angel called and with one swift, sure stroke to the mortal Paul clothed him in immortality and transplanted him to the heavenly home where "eyes have not seen nor ears heard, neither has it entered in to the hears of man, the joys laid up for him." I fancy one of his great joys will be to mingle with the great cloud of witnesses who watch loved ones run the race set before them" standing "Inside the Eastern gates" waiting to welcome the rest of the family when they shall be promoted.

"We know not why we're left to wonder, still- But this we know, Our loved and dead, if they should come this day and ask "What is life" not one of us could say.

Life is a mystery as deep as ever death can be. Yet, oh, how dear to is to us- This life we love and see, Then might they say, these vanished ones, and blessed is the thought-
"So death is sweet to us beloved
"We may not to the quick reveal the mystery of death." Ye cannot tell us if ye would the mystery of breath."

The child who enters life, came, not with knowledge or intent. So those who enter death must go as little children sent. Nothing is known. But I believe that God is overhead And as life is to the living, so death is to the dead."

"The shadows lengthen, the twilight deepens, and night comes down. It is hard to realize that he is gone- we cannot say goodnight dear friend, rather let us leave the word unspoken, until in some brighter clime we bid you "Good Morning."