Olive Fossey obituary

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Death Notice
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Wednesday, September 2, 1914
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The following article from the Press concerns Mitchell County people all of whom are well known in St. Ansgar:

Miss Cordelia Hansen lies in a hospital at Rhame, N.D., with with both arms broken, and otherwise injured, as a result of an accident which occurred on Wednesday night last week. In the same accident the little 4 months-old baby of Mrs. Otto Fossey(nee Anna Hansen) was killed.

The Hansens, Mrs. C. L. Hansen and daughter, Cordelia, were visiting at the Fossey home near Rhame. They had driven to the town from the Fossey farm, a distance of a few miles, and were returning after dark. It seems that the road had been freshly graded, and a 15-inch ditch had been cut. The horses were in good spirits and drew the spring wagon, containing Mr. and Mrs. Fossey and baby, Mrs. Hansen, and Cordelia, and a hired man, who was doing the driving, along at a rapid clip. Suddenly the team turned to go out onto the side of the road and striking the steep bank, the vehicle was given an awful jolt. All the occupants, with the exception of the driver, were thrown violently out. The infant child was killed, living only about an hour after the shock. Miss Cordelia's arms were both broken and she was badly bruised and hurt otherwise, and the others of the party were badly shaken up.

The body of the little child was brought to Lyle Saturday, and interred at the old home town, Mona. Mrs. Hanson and Cordelia, however, are unable to return, but reports from there state that the injuries are mending as well as could be expected.