Ole Haugen obituary

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Friday, May 7, 1920
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Ole Knutson Haugen, who has been sick the past 16 years, passed away very quietly Saturday afternoon at the home of his son, R. O. Knutson, four miles northeast of Lyle. The deceased had attained more than the allotted span of years, having reached, not only his three score and ten years, but four score and eight, on the 20th of last March. Few have the privilege of living more than half a century in a community as he did, and see it develop from a wilderness to a highly-improved, well-settled community.

The deceased was born in Sagen, Norway, March 20, 1832. At the age of 24 he left his native land and emigrated to America, locating in Dane county, Wis. Fifty-three years ago he came to Iowa and located on the old homestead four miles northwest of Lyle, where he lived up to the time of his death. His wife died twenty-six years ago. During the last sixteen years he has been ill most of the time and death came to relieve him from suffering.

He leaves one brother, K. Knutson, at Black River, Wis.; three sisters, Mrs. William Stipe and Mrs. Ludvigson, in St. Paul, and Mrs. Lars Glenistale, of Minneapolis; three daughters, Mrs. Annie Johnson, at home, Mrs. Kittleson, of St. Ansgar, and Mrs. H. Krause, of Peoria, Ill.; two sons, Sever Knutson, of Fingal, N.D. and K. O., on the old homestead.

The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon at the Mona church and interment was made in Pleasant Hill cemetery. Rev. G. Storaasli had charge of the service.

The Lyle Tribune
May 7, 1920
page 4 co/2