Olaf Dahl obituary

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Friday, June 19, 1942
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NEWSPAPER Lyle Tribune
DATE June 19, 1942


After several months of pain and suffering O H Dahl, who passed away at 10:30 June 11th, was laid to rest in Pleasant Hill cemetery, Sunday afternoon, surrounded by a wealth of flowers. In his passing, this community lost a loyal and obliging citizen. Mr. Dahl made friends wherever he went, and many came Sunday afternoon from far and near to pay their respect to one who had endeared himself to them in times past by deeds of kindness. Many who could not be present sent messages of condolence and sympathy.

Besides attending to business, he found time to serve to community in many stations of trust and responsibility in his home community and in the legislative hall in St. Paul, where he served as representative from the 5th district.

When Mr. Dahl realized that he was suffering from an incurable malady, he submitted to the inevitable without a murmur, and made preparation for his passing, to the minutest detail.

Olaf H Dahl, son of Hans O. and Serianna Dahl, was born in Rock County, Wisconsin, November 19 1869.

In the year 1872, the family moved to Mitchell County, Iowa, and a few years later purchased a farm near Otranto.

He was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran Church and remained steadfast in that faith to the end.

As a young man he learned that milling trade and operated the Otranto Flour Mill for several years.

In the year 1894 he was married to Miss Julia Arneson of Nevada Township. He moved to Lyle in 1908 and entered the mercantile business which he continued until 1927.

He was elected State Representative in 1925 and served in that capacity for a period of eight years.

He filled many offices in both Village and church; was one of the founders of the Lyle Lutheran church, and did much toward establishing this congregation and served as its secretary for fifteen years.

He is survived by his wife and a daughter, Mrs R O Anderson of Minneapolis, also five brothers, and two sisters: Henry, Thomas and Arthur of Lyle, Ingvold of Austin, and Sigurd of Seattle. Wash, Mrs L A Sherman of Austin and Mrs N E Fedson of Lyle.

There is an open gate
At the end of the road
Through which cach, must go alone,
And there is a light we cannot see,
Our father claims his own.
Beyond the gate our loved one
Finds happiness and rest,
And there is comfort in the thought
That a loving God knows best.

-Contributed by MRS H G DAHL

What mean you by this weeping,
To break my very heart,
We both are in Christ's keeping,
and therefore cannot part.
You there- I here- though severed
We still at heart are one;
I only in the sunshine,
The shadows scarcely gone.
What if the clouds surround you,
You can the brightness see;
Tis only just a little way
That leads from you to me.
I was so very [illegible?]
Surely you could not mourn
That I a little sooner
Should lay, my burdens down.
Then weep not, weep not, darling,
God wipes away all tears;
Tis only yet a little while,
Though you may call it years.
Soon we are coming for you;
Be brave dear noble heart;
Then we shall live with Jesus
And never, never, part.

Funeral services were held Sunday June 14, at 2:30 P. M., at the home and 3 P M at the church. Rev. Langehough officiating.

Out of town relatives and friends who attended the funeral of the late
O H Dahl were:
Dr. C H Fedson, Des Moines, Ia.,
Mr and Mrs L A Sherman
Mr and Mrs M F Sherman,
Mr and Mrs Fayette Sherman.
Mr and Mrs Stanley Fedson,
Mr and Mrs I F Dahl
Mr and Mrs Paul Knoff
Mr and Mrs F. Kearns and Marion,
Mr and Mrs Oscar Strand.
Mrs A W Simpson,
Mrs Will Bohm
Mr and Mrs H E Rasmussen.
Mrs Adel Tollefson
Martin A Nelson
C M Hubbard
Purl Enger
George Anderson- all of Austin
Chester W Johnson
Mr and Mrs Bernard Stahmer
Mr and Mrs A B Olson
Mr and Mrs J M Arneson, son John
Mr and Mrs J W Johnson, Dorothy
Mr and Mrs H O Anderson
Pauline Johnson-
all of Minneapolis

Allen J Arneson, Rosehold, S D
Senator A O Starks Dexter,
Rep. and Mrs John A. Johnson
of Preston, Minn.
Mrs O J Fluent, daughter Vera
and Margaret of Charles City
Mr and Mrs Jas A King, Mason City
Mrs Jennie Kirkman, Ames, Iowa
Mrs Harry Wahl, LeRoy
Mr and Mrs C Medinnus, LeRoy,
Mr and Mrs J Johnson, Taopi
Odin James Johnson Jr. Colton, Cal.
Mrs Mary Whitaker, and
daughter Grace, of Osage
Miss Jennie Olson, St. Ansgar, Ia.

We hereby wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to relatives and friends for their kindness and sympathy shown during the illness and passing of our husband and father. We especially wish to thank Rev. Langehough, Alma Lodge No 131. all who contributed to the memorial wealth and floral offerings, Ted Johnson for the use of the amplifier system, the decorating committee and all those who assisted in any way.
Mrs. O. H. Dahl.