Near fire, fear someday you will read "Lyle in Ashes."

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Wednesday, April 10, 1889
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We came near having a fire Saturday morning. In some manner a fire started on the south side of Mrs. Nie's building under the siding but was subdued before doing any series damage. We fear that before long you will be furnished with an item headed "Lyle in Ashes." At the time of the high wind last week several chimneys burned out.

Here let me give a hint of something that most of the people know, but some do not. When you know that the chimney is on fire throw a quantity of salt on the fire in the stove and it will extinguish the fire in the chimney. Don't you forget it.

We wish to jog the memory of the citizens of Lyle about something that has been over looked in every instance as far as we know when we have had the alarm of fire. The town has provided the fire extinguishing tubes and not one of them has been carried out yet. Next time don't forget them.