Nancy Kilgore obituary

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likely Woodbury cemetery but unsure
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Wednesday, August 3, 1881
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-Mrs. Nancy Kilgore, widow of the late T. S. Kilgore, departed this life after a brief but severe illness July 24, 1881.

Mrs. K. was born in Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 28, 1818. Her health was imperfect for many years, yet she was able to discharge her household duties and to care for her family which she loved with sincerest devotion. An excellent wife and mother and a true friend, she has gone from her material surroundings to the companionship of husband and friends who had gone before, and who came, to receive and convoy her to the land of the blest.

She left one daughter and many friends. Among whom was a widowed sister, four years her senior, to whom the separation is doubly trying, from the fact that, with the exception of one year and a half, they had not been separated from one another for more than 60 years.