Mrs. Samuel Volstad obituary

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Friday, March 3, 1916
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The sad news of the death of Mrs. Samuel Volstad at the Hospital at Austin Monday evening, reached Lyle friends and neighbors Tuesday morning. About two weeks ago she was compelled to go to the hospital where she submitted to an operation. This was the seventh operation she had undergone during the past 15 years. She loved to travel and make friends but her health did not permit her to enjoy her ambition and few even of her intimate friends knew how much she suffered. In fact she had not been well for many years. During her early married life she travelled with her husband visiting nearly every city of importance in this country and many of the larger places several times.

The deceased was born in Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 20th, 1868 where she lived with her parents until she was about 12 years of age, when she was left alone by the death of her parents. She then made her home with her grandparents. In 1893 she was united in marriage to Samuel Volstad at the big world's fair at Chicago, where they lived for 10 years. They later moved to Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Francisco and New York where they lived a year in each place. About six years ago the family came to Lyle to make their home. The deceased was a great student of science, religion and philosophy. She took a deep interest in flowers and nature's great outdoors. She was a rare painter and possessed a fine collection of her work. During Ex-presiednt's William McKinley's term as governor of Ohio, she was a devoted member of his Sunday school class at Columbus. She leaves besides her husband and son Roy, one sister Mrs. Van Rensselaer of New York City.

The funeral was held Thursday afternoon from the house and was conducted by Rev. Moe. Interment was made in Pleasant Hill cemetery.


S. G. Volstad and son Roy extend their heartfelt thanks to the neighbors and friends for the kindness and sympathy extended during this season of sorrow.