Mona Observes Centennial

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Thursday, October 16, 1969
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Mona Observes

Not since the village doctor, W. F. Cobb's brass band back in the late 1800's has Mona been serenaded with such talented musicians as they were at Mona Centennial celebration Sunday, October 12 when the American Legion Post 278 Osage Drum & Bugle Corp made a surprise volunteer visit to appear on the program.

The rain didn't dampen the spirits of interested people who came from Sioux Falls, S. D.; Menomonie, Wis.; Kenyon, Albert Lea, St. Paul, Austin, Minn.; and Mason City, Osage, West Union, Ames, Northwood, Waverly, Carpenter, Waterloo and towns surrounding Mona to help make an over flowing crowd. The streets, all named in the early 1860's, were never marked with signs before, they were made for the Centennial by Mrs. Harlan Nelson and erected.

The program opened with the arrival of a typical Norwegian family (the Odell Haugen family) coming to church in pioneer costumes. Rev. Einar Unseth, the church pastor, gave the opening greeting and prayer.

Harlis Anderson, St. Paul, a former Mona resident, was master of ceremonies and carried out a typical country store and post office scene using the old Hustad original post office section of the Hustad and Halver Lunde store back in the late 1800's and early 1900's which was salvaged this summer from his granddaughter Bertha Lunde's barn in Mona. All was in a patriotic decorated scene throughout the church including many floral bouquets from friends and the Citizens State Bank, St. Ansgar.

After the mail arrived by the Mona Clipper brought in by Norman Anderson and the mail sorted things began to happen. Letter of greetings in the mail were read from President Nixon, the president of the Illinois Central Railroad, J.W. Dodge of Waterloo; Rev. S. Klemesrud of Highland, Minn., a former Mona pastor and other residents.

On the program extending personal greetings were Rev. Clifford Schroeder, Kenyon, who also sang a solo, Rev. Odean Tieman, Menonomie, Wis., gave a tribute to the Pioneers and read the Mona history prepared by Mrs. Clyde Roehr, Rev. S. Stenson, Sioux Falls, S. D., a former pastor; and Rodney Golberg of Waverly, a native of Mona who appeared with his son, Todd in football attire to commemorate the fact that it was footballs centennial also having originated in 1869; and Raymond Carlson with parts from an old Norwegian Diary of his fathers back in 1882 through 1912.

The musical part of the program consisted of selections by the Belles of Mona who originally were the Mona choir from the 1930's directed by Mrs. Chester Reistad of Austin. They included Mmes. Pete Anderson, Eva Carlson, Harlis Anderson, Raymond Nelson, Clifford Nelson, Leland Haugen and Raymond Carlson.

Barbershop quartet Loren Meyer, Almo Jahr, Kenneth Anderson and Dene Duenow accompanied by Kurt Meyer; organ selections by Mrs. Harlis Anderson on the original church organ bought by funds solicited by an early pioneer, Mamie Everson, piano selections by Young Americans Youth Choir, Patti Nelson, Susan Meyer, Karen Anderson, Linda Haugen, Kurt Meyer, Terry Haugen and Nathan Unseth; musical duets by Susan and Kurt Meyer, Jeff and Debra Nelson, and Mr. and Mrs. Harlis Anderson and a musical trio band by Mr. and Mrs. Harlis Anderson and Kenneth Anderson. All the groups were attired in typical pioneer costumes.

The afternoon closed with a coffee hour for the 350 attending and viewing old photo displayed by the overall chairman. Mrs. Irene Larson and Circle No 2 who hosted the centennial event.