Minnesota & Northwestern opening line to St. Louis via Lyle

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Wednesday, December 23, 1885
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New Route to the Southwest.

It would appear that the Minnesota & Northwestern railroad, not satisfied with the remunerative business into which it has jumped from the day it was opened is stretching out for additional territory and has announced the opening of a new line to St. Louis, Kansas City, Atchison, Topeka, and other Missouri points, via Lyle, the Central Iowa, and Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific railways, and promises to run its passenger trains through to St. Louis in the remarkably quick time of twenty-three hours from St. Paul and Minneapolis. To the traveling public, ever eager to take advantage of short routes and fast time, coupled with unsurpassed and novel equipment, the announcement will be hailed with delight, but to the vast mercantile and jobbing interests of the "twin sisters," which are now brought so closely in contact with St. Louis and Kansas City, the great commercial centers of the Southwest, and back of which lies a country whose undeveloped resources are almost unlimited, the benefits to be derived from this alliance are of incalculable value. The zeal which has characterized the efforts of the Minnesota & Northwestern officials in opening up this line should meet with prompt recognition by the jobbers and manufacturers of Minneapolis, St. Paul and the great Northwest.
Pioneer Press, Dec. 6, 1885.