Mildred Duerst obituary

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Friday, January 21, 1910
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In the early gray dawn of Tuesday, Jan. 18, little Mildred, the five year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Duerst, peacefully and quietly answered the summons of the Master, "Come up Higher." Though she was allowed to remain only a few years among those who loved her, as a tender and rare flower, yet she had endeared herself so completely, that her loss is keenly felt not only by the immediate family and relatives, but by all who come in contact with her.
She was old beyond her years, having the discernment of many a child twice her age.

She was taken sick though not seriously, on Sunday, Jan. 9, being able to play about the house with her brother and baby sister until Tuesday, when she became more seriously sick, and medical aid was quickly sought. All was done that could be, and on Saturday, she became so alarmingly ill, a council was called, a nurse secured and the little one was tenderly cared for with every comfort and necessity in the last days. But acute appendicitis had set in, and she was too weak to stand the disease.

She has been called to the "home beautiful," but her memory will always be loved and cherished by her large circle of relatives and friends.

The sympathy of the community goes out to the bereaved parents, who with the little brother and sister are left to mourn the loss. The funeral was held Thursday P. M. from the home, Rev. Belden officiating, and interment was made at Enterprise cemetery.