Memorial Service: K. A. Knutson

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Funeral Notice
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Friday, February 16, 1934
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Memorial Service.

A goodly number attended the Memorial Service, Sunday afternoon, sponsored by the Masonic Lodge, in honor of their deceased brother, K. A. Knutson.

The members gathered at the hall, and marched in a body to the church, there being twenty-two in line.

Mr. Beach presided at the service, and introduced the speaker, Reginald Coleman, B. D., minister of the Presbyterian church at Austin.

Several selections, special favorites of the deceased, were rendered by a quartette: H. G., O. H., and L. F. Dahl, and Sterling Krause. Mrs. L. F. Dahl presided at the piano.

Rev. Coleman chose as his topic, "The Blessings of a Long Life" and marshaled many everyday and happy incidents to prove that there are multitudes of blessings that it takes time to appreciate. He refuted the common idea that "the good die young." From nature like the oak, the towering red wood, from association with men in the lodge room and in the church, the speaker said, we learn to love as the result of time. He said he had no apology to offer for being a Mason. Masonry is not Christianity, but I am a better christian because I am a Mason," he said.

Many complimentary remarks were heard concerning the splendid address and it is safe to say that many will hear him again.

Mr. Knutson was an old stand by, and favorite among the members of the order, especially during the past fifteen years during which time he made his home in the lodge club room. He was a congenial companion, and his friends enjoyed to drop in for a social chat, which was a comfort to him, especially during the last year when he found it harder to get about. He was like a father in the home and had an important part in the social life of Alma Lodge.

One by one the old friends pass down the valley, but memories of kind deeds and pleasant associations live on in the hearts of those who are left for a short space of time, before they, too, are called.

O. H. Dahl came down from Minneapolis Saturday to assist the men's chorus and attend the memorial service. Mr. Dahl came the longest distance, and in point of membership is oldest in the local Masonic order, since the death of Mr. Knutson, with whom he had sat in the lodge for more than thirty-five years.

During the summer of 1924 while Geo. P. Anderson was operating a gallery in Lyle, he was contemplating attending the National convention of photographers at Milwaukee, and was looking about for a subject that would make a good picture to enter in a contest at the convention. On the 5th of July, that year, he met Mr. Knutson and invited him to the studio where he took the picture from which the cut herewith printed was made. The photo did not take first prize, but Mr. Anderson was given favorable mention, and the picture was placed among the best shown at the convention. No one knew the story of the episode as Mr. Knutson was not fond of publicity, and it was not until after his death that the picture was secured, and the story connected therewith told by Mr. Anderson, who offered the photo, as a gift, to the local lodge.

In connection with this item it is of interest to note that Mr. Anderson did win first place at a national convention on a picture of Gunder Larson of Lyle. it now has a place in the Permanent Record Building, in New York.