Mary Myhre obituary

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Friday, August 26, 1932
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NEWSPAPER The Lyle Tribune
DATE Aug. 26, 1932



On Monday afternoon, the Lyle Lutheran church bell tolled its sad requiem to friends and relatives while the remains of Mrs. T. S. Myhre were being carried to their last resting place. She had, doubtless ministered to more people in this community than any other woman. Her service was always generously and tenderly given, and many a troubled heart was cheered by her presence, during the years covering the long period of her ministrations. No day was too cold or night too dark to keep her from answering a call for assistance. Truly
"She hath done what she could." The active hands are at rest, and her spirit has gone to its reward, but in countless homes there are precious gifts, made by the busy fingers during rest periods, that will be cherished in loving memory of a modern Dorcas, who like her Master, "Went about doing good."

"Tis hard to break the tender cord
When love has bound the heart,"
"Tis hard, so hard to speak the words
"We must forever part."

Dearest loved one, we must lay thee
In the peaceful grave's embrace.
But thy memory will be cherished
Till we see they heavenly face.


It is possible for us to express in words the gratitude and since appreciation we feel for all the kindness and sympathy shown us during the time of our sorrow in the loss of our beloved mother, Mrs. Tom Myhre. Kind friends and neighbors were tireless in their efforts to make her last days easier and happier, and it is a deep consolation to us to remember this. Gratefully we thank you all who have helped us in many ways.

We appreciate the beautiful flowers, the memorial wreaths, the comforting words, and the songs sung by Rev. Langehough and by the Ladies Chorus.

We can only say thank you and wish that when your time of need comes, you will be likewise blessed with such kind friends.
The Mrs. Tom S Myhre Family

Mary T. Myhre, daughter of Einar and Anna Einar and Anna Enner, was born June 8th, 1862 at Decorah, Iowa. She was baptized by Rev. Wm. Karen and was confirmed on May 13th 1877 by Rev Nils Brandt. There also she spent childhood days.

On January 19th, 1882 she was married to Tom S. Myhre of Silver Lake, Iowa.

This union was blessed with five children: Simon, Inga, Clara, Thea and Elvira.

The first few years of their marriage life were spent in the vicinity of Silver Lake, and of Northwood, Ia.

On March 1st 1889 they moved to Lyle where she has since lived.

The family circle was broken on March 15th 1904 when the daughter, Clara passed away.

Mrs. Myhre lived in the old home until, due to illness, she finally consented to move to the home of her daughter, Mrs. A A Lee. That was nine years ago. She has resided with them since that time. During these years she experienced periods of great suffering alternating with times when she seemed quite well. For the past year a gradual change could be noticed. She became steadily weaker and on August 3, it became necessary for her to remain in bed. From then on she failed very rapidly until the early morning hours of August 18, a dear mother's tired body succumbed and her soul answered its summons, and returned willingly and joyfully to its maker.

Mrs. Myhre is survived by one son, Simon Myhre of Lyle, and three daughters, Mrs. A A Lee, Mrs. Martin C. Johnson of Lyle, and Mrs. O. J. Westrum of St. Ansgar, Iowa. Also by nine grandchildren, four great grandchildren, five sisters and two brothers.

Funeral services were held Monday Aug. 22nd at 2 P M., at the Lyle Lutheran Church, and at the Dr. Lee home at 1:40. Interment was made in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Among those from away here to attend the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Matthews, Mrs. Lynn Turbett, Mrs. Irving Brown of Albert Lea, Misses Sondrol, Mr and Mrs. T Olson of Emmons, Minn; Mr. and Mrs. Kleema of Lime Springs, Ia., Mr. and Mrs. R T Wanghtal of Mason City; Mrs. C. H. Norcross of Wooltock, Iowa; Attorney and Mrs. J. A. Lee and Selma Lee of Benson, Minn; Mrs. Leonard Anderson, Mrs. S. Knutson, Mrs. A Throne, Chester Throne. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Olson of Carpenter, Iowa; Mrs. O. Throne, Miss Olga Throne Harold Throne of McIntosh, Minn; Miss Julia Enner, Mrs. C. O. Rosendahl. Mrs. Martha Johnson, Mr and Mrs Melvin Johnson of Deborah, Iowa; Mr. H. Enner, Mrs. Jesse Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson of Boyceville, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Purl Gordon of Rose Creek, Minn.; Mrs. C O Boom, Mrs. B. Requa, Mrs. A Rockne, Mr. T B. Rockne, Miss Rockne of Austin, Mr. and Mrs. George I. Johnson of Spring Grove, Minn.

One chair in our home is vacant,
One dear voice forever stilled.
Our dear mother's crossed death's river,
And our hearts with pain are filled.
She has gone to that fair country,
Left this dark world of unrest;
She is happy now, forever,
Singing praises with the blest.

She has gone to be with Jesus,
In the heavenly city bright,
And a crown of gold she weareth,
With a robe of spotless white.
She has crossed death's deep, dark river,
Passed thru Jordan's swelling tide;
And she's waiting for our coming,
Over on the other side.

She has only gone before us,
To the bright and heavenly land;
There we soon again will meet her,
Clasp once more her loving hand
There we'll meet to part, no never,
In the realms of endless days;
There we'll meet to dwell forever,
Where all tears are wiped away.