Mary Kittridge obituary

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Wednesday, February 2, 1881
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--The funeral of Mrs. Kittridge, wife of D. P. Kittridge, was held at Cedar City school-house, Saturday, January 29th. Although the day was very stormy, yet there was a large number of people gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to the departed, and to sympathize with the bereft husband and motherless children, who mourn the loss of a good, faithful wife and mother. The sermon was preached by Rev. Alfred Cressey, of Austin, and several of the Methodist choir, by request, went down to assist in the singing.

Mrs. Kittridge had the measles about two years ago, and was very sick, a cough settling upon her lungs and never leaving her. Mr. Kittridge, it will be remembered, was in partnership with Mr. Lambert about two eyars, and last spring, his wife, who was then in failing health, wanted to go back to her home in the country, so in June the partnership was dissolved, and Mr. Kittridge, with his little family, moved back to the farm, which is about a mile south of Cedar City. She was confined to the house but a short time. She leaves five children, the eldest eleven years, the youngest but three. Mr. Kittridge and his motherless babes have the sympathy of many friends in this sad bereavement, and may the Father of the afflicted be his comforter and support.