Martin Johnson Naesset obituary

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also spelled "Nesset"
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Friday, March 19, 1920
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Martin Johnson Naesset was born at Mosnes, Solor, Norway, Jan. 8, 1835. He was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran church of his home parish. In 1862 he married Bertha Gunderson. To this union thirteen children were born. One died in infancy. The others are: Ole M. Johnson, St. Ansgar, Iowa; George Johnson, who died by accident at Mona about thirty-three years ago; Julius Johnson, Dogden, N.D.; Emelia, now Mrs. C. E. Kittleson, St. Ansgar, Iowa; Gustav Johnson Naesset, Black Duck, Minn., Miss Mathilde Johnson, Emma now Mrs. M. H. Frank. Velva, N. D.; Ida, now Mrs. Henry Hanson, Wibeaux, Mont.; Betsy, now Mrs. Magnus Hanson, Murdock, Minn.; Annie, Mrs. Eddie Hanson, Lyle, Minn.; Mina, now Mrs. Helmer Hanson, St. Ansgar, Iowa; George Johnson, who died by accident, in 1917.

In 1865 he immigrated to Dane county, Wis., where he and his family remained for two years, after which he settled in Mitchell county, Iowa, where he has made his home until about two years ago since when he has lived with his daughter, Mrs. C. E. Kittleson at St. Ansgar.

Mrs. Johnson preceded him in death on Dec. 17, 1910.

Mr. Johnson has enjoyed general good health until January 29, at which time he suffered a slight stroke, which returning finally caused his death March 3, 1920.

Mr. Johnson expressed his father in God's word and promise. Several times he stated that he did not expect to become well again and was several times overheard talking to himself about soon going home to God and being willing and ready to go. This testimony he also gave his pastor during his visits.

Funeral at Mona, Iowa, M. E. Waldeland and Storaasli officiating, Saturday March 6, 1920. Contributed.