Martin Johnson Naesset obituary

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Wednesday, March 3, 1920
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Martin Johnson Naesset was born at Mosnes, Solor, Norway, January 8th, 1835. He was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran church of his home parish. In 1862 he married Bertha Gunderson. To this union thirteen children were born. One died in infancy.
The others are Ole M. Johnson, St. Ansgar, Iowa;
George Johnson, who died by accident at Mona, Iowa,
about 33 years ago;
Julius Johnson, Dogden, N. D.;
Emelia, now Mrs. C. E. Kittleson, St. Ansgar, Iowa;
Gustav Johnson Naesset, Black Duck, Minn.;
Miss Mathilda Johnson;
Emma, now Mrs. M.H. Frank, Velva, N.D.;
Ida, now Mrs. Henry Hanson, Wibeaux, Mont,;
Betsey, now Mrs. Magnus Hanson, Murdock, Minn.;
Annie, now Mrs. Eddie Hanson, Lyle, Minn.;
Mina, now Mrs. Helmer Hanson, St. Ansgar, Iowa.