Martha Bagstad funeral notice

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Funeral Notice
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Wednesday, January 1, 1947
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The funeral of Mrs. T. A. Bagstad was held Friday at the Lyle Lutheran church, and was well attended. Interment was in Pleasant Hill cemetery. Rev. Torvik had charge of the service, and was assisted by Rev. O. C. Myhre of Windam (sic), a former pastor of the deceased, while the Bagstad's resided at Adams. The latter spoke particularly of the Christian faith and the generosity of Mrs. Bagstad, and of her neighborly kindness.

The Jewish Mission on the W. C. T. U. served lunch to the family the pallbearers and friends from away after the grave side service.

Mrs. Bagstad was a friend of all who knew her. Hers was a path marked with deeds of kindness and cheer. To her the struggle and burden bearing of earth are ended, and we confidently trust that like one who awakes from a troubled dream she has awakened to life's endless morning with loved ones, missed from earth.

Out of town people at the funeral: Mr. and Mrs. M. Smith, Mrs. Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. F. Skagg, Mr. and Mrs. A. Tholen, G. Finkelson family from St. Paul; Mrs. J. Hendricks and daughter from Minneapolis, Mrs. Lizzie Oswold and Mrs. Henry Larson of Osage, many from Adams, besides other friends.