Martha Arneson obituary

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Friday, February 27, 1920
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The funeral of the late Martha Arneson was held from the home Friday afternoon, Rev. Stroaasli and K. H. Valstad having charge. The remains were laid to rest in the family lot in the Grove cemetery, where the last [illegible:?] rites were performed for another of Nevada's early pioneers, who lived and labored here nearly fifty years.

Mrs. Martha Arneson was born a [illegible: Merhus?], two miles from Tronhjem, Norway, on April 18, 1834, and died Feb, 16, 1920. She attended school and grew to womanhood in the city of Trondhjem. Her maiden name was Martha Wold. She was married in 1856 to John Arneson with whom she emigrated to America in 1860 locating in Wisconsin at Sun Prairie. Six years later the family came to Minnesota and settled on the old farm in Nevada. The deceased was the mother of ten children, seven of whom survive her. She was a most devoted mother. During the early days when the toiled so hard and endured so many hardships, her thoughts were not of herself, but in order that the children might have a better chance in life than she had had.

About six years ago she had a light stroke, which made her restless and nervous at times. Even then, she kept up her interest in the higher things of life. She had a special desire to attend church and to have religious survives in the home. She was often [illegible:?] to church in a wheel chair. During [illegible:?] these years she showed that she [illegible:?] the lessons learned [illegiblie:?] the thoughts of [illegible:?] daily prayer and also of other Christian people that mother might become fully herself again and be saved. In this prayer she was almost miraculously rewarded, for during recent weeks mother's mind cleared and she realized that the end was drawing near.

She was glad to talk with the many friends who came to speak about spiritual things. She confessed her sins; implored the Lord to forgive her and receive her into his kingdom. She recognized all about her and gradually sank until at 9 o'clock on Monday morning, she slept peacefully away as a child.

Mother for the struggles and sacrifices you have made we cherish you in fond remembrance and trust that we shall all meet you in the heavenly home.